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Arranging Marriages - Part 46 (aka, what'd you call me?)

So a couple of months back my parents found this guy somehow and I ended up chatting with him on whatsapp. Without further ado, let the texts speak for themselves: 159 more words

I'm nearly done

So, I was going to delete my Indian dating profile because it’s fucking useless and then this guy who reached out to me caught my eye. 243 more words

Time for naps.

While I’m preparing to sleep, I’m also trying to record something. I.. can’t get myself to record. I keep trying and after the first two words, I’m already hating the sound of my voice, the way I speak, the intonation…. 34 more words


This one wasn't me... I don't think

So out of the blue, because Mercury is in retrograde still, on Sunday I got a text from this guy I had chatted with last year from one of the Indian dating websites. 960 more words

Is Mercury in retrograde?

I’m not a huge believer in astrology but weird things happened this week that actually made me say out loud “Is Mercury in retrograde??” … 343 more words

Beige Socks

Fuck  my life.

No, actually, fuck my non existent love life.  The rest of my life is fine, fun even. But the romance department? Just ugh. 325 more words

Yes, I know it's me - part 6 (aka, It's over)

I know… it should’ve been over awhile back. But I didn’t have the balls to do it*.

And, it’s not like we’ve been talking every night since… 471 more words