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Is Mercury in retrograde?

I’m not a huge believer in astrology but weird things happened this week that actually made me say out loud “Is Mercury in retrograde??” … 343 more words

Beige Socks

Fuck  my life.

No, actually, fuck my non existent love life.  The rest of my life is fine, fun even. But the romance department? Just ugh. 325 more words

Yes, I know it's me - part 6 (aka, It's over)

I know… it should’ve been over awhile back. But I didn’t have the balls to do it*.

And, it’s not like we’ve been talking every night since… 471 more words

The Best Tofu Ever

So when Philly was here, we went on our bar crawl. After drinking many many many drinks, we decided to take a break for some food. 440 more words

Yes, I know it's me - part 5 (aka, he visited)

…And I have zero desire to be with him, but haven’t had the balls to tell him yet.

I should want him. I should want to be with him. 1,051 more words

Yes, I know it's me - part 4 (aka, maybe it's not)

So yesterday, I was on the phone with Philly and the conversation lasted 7 minutes. That’s 2 more than usual, so perhaps things are improving. 241 more words

Yes, I know it's me - Part 3 (aka, he's visiting)

So, I’ve been ‘chatting’ with the guy from Philly since we met back in October.

But it’s not really chatting. We talk on the phone, but it lasts for about 5 minutes. 224 more words