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Day 2

What up good people of the world?!?!?!? Or the few people that drop by to read my randomness!! How’s your morning going??? Mine hasn’t been too bad. 394 more words

Arranging Marriages - Part 50 (aka, Sigh)

We’d left things with a decision to meet again, and a few weeks after our first meeting, I was going to be in DC for work. 617 more words

It doesn't matter their age

I was chatting with my downstairs neighbor who’s 75 years young. She is so vivacious and awesome. She has adult children, still works a full time job and decided she’s been single for long enough (by choice) that she decided to get on Match. 157 more words


So, clearly my dating/love life journey is going nowhere and I just have to come to terms with that. I may be alone forever. Oh well. 153 more words

Arranging Marriages -Part 48 (aka, Mom still gets it)

So last week, Thursday, I called home and my mom gave me an email address from a matrimonial ad in the paper. It was the usual, “40 year old doctor, innocently divorced, seeking suitable match.” 248 more words

Law or Gospel—How hard can that be?


Tells us what to do and what not to do. In this use of the Law, it always threatens, accuses, condemns a person.

Gospel: … 198 more words

Biblical Studies

I like your color

Today, I got a message on bumble from some white guy who did the usual blah blah blah and then, out of nowhere, says, “I like your color!!” 207 more words