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Ramadan in Marrakech, or a tale of embracing the culture

Ramadan is well underway here in Marrakech and daily routines are slightly modified.

Or in my case, completely.

Because this year I’ve decided to fast. You see my first Ramadan was such a special experience as I joined friends for ftour I didn’t think twice about staying the following year. 432 more words

Why Morocco?

Casablanca's Journées du patrimoine 11 to 14 May 2017

Casablanca. It’s a city that, despite the traffic, is really starting to grow on me.

You see back in November when my sister flew in from Toronto, I went to Casablanca to pick her up from the airport. 679 more words

Why Morocco?

Where to breakfast in Marrakech

It may be my favourite meal of the day. It is certainly the most important as it tends to influence my eating habits for the rest of the day. 458 more words

Why Morocco?

Best of 2016

While the world news presented doom and gloom, I carried on, trying to find the good in everyday despite dealing with my own personal challenges for several months. 414 more words

Why Morocco?

Donna Hay Magazine recommends Tasting Marrakech

It started as a love. And a desire to share it with other travellers in a way that was comfortable and safe. I spoke with friends and confidantes. 138 more words

Why Morocco?

Where to stay in Essaouira Morocco

You see, I don’t really want to share this secret with you out of fear that my preferred retreat in Essaouira will no longer be available when I need a break from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech. 414 more words

Why Morocco?

Invest in rest

It’s been very quiet on here, I know. But you see, I retreated to Canada this summer for nearly seven weeks. After months and months of non-stop work (and working out), pushing myself to my limits, growing… 219 more words

Why Morocco?