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The Reason for Inequality - The Strongest Theory : “Inclusive Institutions” - ESSAY BLOG

Already, I have debunked three economic theories for the reason for wealth inequality between nations. To me, the most prominent theory is described in Acemoglu’s “Why Nations Fail”, and is known as the “institutional argument”. 1,094 more words

The Reason for Inequality- Debunking Flawed Economic Theories - ESSAY BLOG

There are numerous economic theories as to why certain countries are richer than others. At the forefront, there exists three predominant ideas. The “Geographical” Hypothesis, the “Cultural” Theory, and the “Ignorance” idea. 828 more words

Blasphemy after sedition?

Although India has no such thing as “Blasphemy Law” but somehow still a police complaint has been filed against lawyer and activist Prashant Bhushan for calling Krishan a “legendary eve teaser”. 110 more words