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It’s not that I think I’m so great. I just don’t hate myself. I do idiotic things all the time and I say crazy stuff I regret, but I don’t let everything traumatize me.

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If you’ve got it, flaunt it. And if you don’t got it? Flaunt it. ‘Cause what are we even doing here if we’re not flaunting it? – Why Not Me? Mindy Kaling

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The truth is, if I were going to lose weight successfully, I would have to think about what I eat constantly. I cannot imagine a life more boring and a more time-consuming obsession than being preoccupied with watching what I eat.

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Why not me?

Introduction to this blog:
Last night I was watching Chelsea Does: Marriage. She interviewed people from kindergarten all the way to her father on their thoughts of marriage and why they thought she was still single. 985 more words

Why Not Me?

Happy Sunday my fellow humans!

It’s been a hot minute since I last posted… studying for the CPT exam has been taking up my life (eeeeeek!) 641 more words

Mindy Kaling, Beautiful Inside and Out

Mindy Kaling, the satiric comedian actress famous for her role as Kelly Kapoor in the comedy office drama The Office, is now celebrating her fourth season for her romantic comedy sitcom… 797 more words

Top Six Books That Will Make You Laugh

I usually don’t read comedies (I’m more of a gushy romance kind of girl). But I have read a few that have cracked me up, whether intentional or not. 154 more words

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