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What Do We Say

A teenager comes to you
Bruises on her arm
Dislocated shoulder
It’s not the first time
Her mother did her harm.
You can call social services… 350 more words

Faith Life

All the Whys of a Four Year Old

Four year olds are exhausting.  They are little wound up packages of infinite energy, unpredictable emotions, and growing appetites.  They also blither incessantly. Their curiosity is an inextinguishable flame that seems to only be fueled with more information.  482 more words


How Dr. R.C. Sproul Met Jesus Personally

*R.C. Sproul’s Christian Testimony: A Personal Pilgrimage

The quest for the meaning of life was a troublesome problem for me from an early age. The “why” questions were the ones that gripped my mind—not so much physical questions but metaphysical questions. 2,421 more words

Book Excerpts

Chatting con Chip : Just deserts

Now I pride myself on trying to answer every question my son asks me, in standard intelligent adult English, no baby-talk, no “just because” and most definitely no “because I said so” (Gosh, I still remember how much I hated hearing that one, the little hairs on the back of my neck still stand straight up). 258 more words

Daily Life

Why Conservative Judaism?

I have been asked this at my "interview" with the local Jewish community leaders and didn’t have a particularily good answer. So I’ll be collecting some answers here from around the net and next time I’ll be prepared and have a more convincing answer. 161 more words


stop the presses

Ed note: The post that I had planned for today has been preempted.

Why? Because I have an overwhelming need to shout this from the highest rooftop I can find. 39 more words


One of the first chapters covered in my nursing program basically discusses how to speak with patients and what words/phrases/tones to avoid with patients. One suggestion my book detailed was that you should avoid asking patients why questions because they come off very accusational and can easily be misinterpreted to be hurtful. 197 more words

Nursing Student