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Why We Broke Up

Novel written by Daniel Handler and illustrated by artist and designer Maira Kalman

This book hit me in all places I could ever imagine. From young love’s mistake and to every other corner.

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An Update From The Broken Hearted

Currently, her mind is helping her a lot in this thing they call — moving on. Although her heart is not doing a very good job at it. 1,068 more words


Reasons & Realizations

You went missing for 24 hours. Had her dead worried. Messaged after 28 hours, saying you went drinking with your friends, had a problem, and needed space and alone time. 736 more words


Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler

Min falls in love with the school sports hero, Ed. Amazingly, he falls in love with her, enjoying the way she is different. Yet the relationship doesn’t last. 145 more words

Book Review

November Book Roundup

In October I posted about my struggle to find the time and energy to read after a long work day. It was difficult to come home and want to pick up a book — especially when that book was work related. 277 more words

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You Haven't Put A Post Up In Ages, and That, is Why We Broke Up: 'Why We Broke Up' by Daniel Handler and Maria Kalman, A Review

Being employed is a lot like being in school. I have to be in bed at a reasonable hour. I have to leave the house every morning, and I have to answer to an authority figure who judges my performance and rewards me based on how well I do this thing that I am bound by fear of the future to excel in. 506 more words

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Why We Broke Up

I read this in an afternoon, alternating between crying and telling everyone I knew to read it. Once again, Daniel Handler has shown that he is a master of words. 570 more words

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