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Poof it to me

all I ate yesterday was cold pizza. It was mindless and easy and admittedly tasty. My husband thinks I’m insane for liking cold pizza.

speaking of food in your belly… I love the card I get to share with you today! 88 more words

Why We Love Austin


happy first friday of the year, y’all! how is 2017 treating you so far? mine has been pretty productive so far. right now, i am feeling all of the change that last year brought start to settle in my soul, and so now, it’s time for a meditated action. 219 more words

Why We Love Austin

a Year and Change

I know so many different people that have had a heck of a 2016. Nationally and globally there has been so many loses, so many tragedies, we’ve lost so many of our beloved musicians… icons that we looked to for guidance thru their music as we mended our broken hearts. 501 more words

Why We Love Austin