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psychedelic flowers

both cards this week are so happy. they make a nice contrast to the grey i see when i look outside this morning. i LOVE the dancing flowers, the colors and the texture of the pen the artist used is stellar. 117 more words

Why We Love Austin

Bowling PeaPole

i LOVE it when i get cards from kids. their imagination is so perfect. i mean, a “LioDolfin?!” amazing. please take a moment to really look at that postcard to see what all this little girl has created. 212 more words

Why We Love Austin

i'm going to be an aunt!

i had stopped by my brother’s house a few weeks back to drop off a little something for he and his wife. he happened to be there, so i got to visit with him for a little while. 336 more words

Why We Love Austin

es muy mucho

i am so excited for the weekend. it’s going to be a busy weekend, but it’s the weekend, nonetheless. and, i am actually looking forward to monday… because i get to see bill burr. 134 more words

Why We Love Austin

a formal introduction... the halloween man

i’ve mentioned before how why we love austin has been the catalyst for creating conversation and sparking inspiration¬†between persons it brings together. case in point, mr drew edwards, aka the halloween man. ¬† 1,887 more words

Why We Love Austin

dancing on the ceilings

are you really sure that a floor can’t also be a ceiling?¬†~m.c. escher

has it been as wonky as a week for you as it was me? 186 more words

Why We Love Austin

leslie for mayor

it’s not how you dress. it’s what’s in your heart.” ~leslie cochran

and in my heart this week, i sing with these postcards! vote for leslie makes me miss the queen of “keep austin weird” and the not a cow makes me laugh. 93 more words

Why We Love Austin