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I think that these books are picking me out.

Now it is winter and the wind is cold. But there is no rain. Visitors to the shop remind me sternly that there has been no rain. 165 more words

25 Bookish Things About Me

My most recent acquisitions. All about the art.

Thanks to LKD over at Gin & Lemonade – With a Twist for inadvertently giving me a really fun writing exercise for this lovely Saturday morning. 545 more words

Literary Life


Robert reads ancient histories, unconventional science and philosophy and he loves conjecture, conflict and conspiracy. And he is writing his own book.

He follows national politics carefully and furiously and finds little to admire in our politicians. 203 more words

I think that the only way to go on is to see if you can...

Mrs Elman said that her hippeastrums are being frosted each morning and that she needed to give the trees a damn drink whether she wanted to or not and there was no point in avoiding it. 295 more words

The Imps of Reading

I like to listen to the people that visit my bookshop. I like to hear what they read and to discover the strong and fabulous details of why and how. 213 more words

The Commando Torch

This morning there are three boys and their father here at the shop. The boys have come from the soccer field, they are in short sleeves, not feeling the cold. 353 more words