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Is there a book that you couldn't finish?

Sometimes at the shop I ask people this question.

Robert said that he finishes everything except for all the books that have been stolen from him over the years. 341 more words

You just need to watch your feet a bit more.

Two boys are walking past the window of the shop, weighed down with adolescence and school bags. One says: I’m going to just go up to every teacher and say like, … 258 more words

Barry and the Three Day Read.

Barry is tough and masterful and enthusiastic. And he loves books. He visited the shop with an urgent list.

He remembers reading Storm Boy in three days and he told me how he loved that fucking pelican so much that when he read that book to his own kids he cried for the second time. 263 more words

The old lady who bought a book for her friend.

An old lady bought a book for her dear friend. She came into the shop just on closing and it was very cold. Her friend lives in Goolwa and can no longer get out and about. 211 more words

Life is Messy, Books are not

Reading books is somehow inherently comforting. They take us to far away places and let us forget about our troubles. But is it really only that? 421 more words


Just looking out of the window.

There is nobody here today, just me looking out of the shop window. I am side by side with Judi Dench, Clarissa Dickson Wright and… 304 more words

I think that these books are picking me out.

Now it is winter and the wind is cold. But there is no rain. Visitors to the shop remind me sternly that there has been no rain. 165 more words