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The lady who found a set of books she had been chasing for 23 years..

The lady, who had never been in before, just came in to have a small look. But then she found a set of books she had been after for 10 years. 386 more words

Looking at the stars with the stars.

A young man is in here looking for books for his road trip around Australia.

His girlfriend is in the car and he has to be fast. 261 more words

The Slow and Careful Regard of Things

A man bought Julia Gillard’s My Story because he had just met her the other day walking her dog at the Seacliff Caravan Park. He said: I just looked up and there she was. 390 more words

As I walked away from my old life.

As I walked away from my old life, I wondered if it were true. What my uncle had said. That I was changed and could never lift my head again. 340 more words

Imitation of Christ

A lady and her daughter came into the shop. They were looking for Dilly Court but I only had one book and they had both read… 93 more words

See you later some other time probably...

A boy, aged about 11 came into the shop and greeted me by name although I did not know who he was.

He said: well I’m just a book reader, I just like all books. 221 more words


I have finished Cloudstreet and The Joy Luck Club.

A lady said she had just finished Middlemarch and is now looking for Tess of the D’Urbervilles. 192 more words