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Goodbye, Merry Christmas…

The school term is not finished and Christmas has not yet quite begun. There is a small dip in between and we are all in it. 798 more words

She said to me that heaven better be a library or something or when she gets there she will say: What the hell?

Peggy has a new t shirt: it is milkshake pink and says: Dance with the Fairies, Ride with the Unicorns, Swim with the Mermaids and Fly to the Moon… 768 more words

BR: Allora Mi Prenderò un Cappello (Then I Will Get Myself a Hat)

Title: Allora Mi Prenderò Un Cappello

Author: Maria Cristina Benetti

Genre: Non-fiction memoir

Published: 2016

Pages: 110

My Rating: 5/5 stars… 676 more words


Tales and Stories

“Fairy tales since the beginning of recorded time, and perhaps earlier, have been ‘a means to conquer the terrors of mankind through metaphor’.”― Jack Zipes… 421 more words


Life is an icecream.

An earnest young woman explained to me some details of her thesis on George Eliot’s Silas Marner. She talked about rationalism and the connection to community and the spiritual climb to redemption. 431 more words

Snails are a good thing too...

I was asked for Oakleaf Bearers, Erak’s Ransome and Heir of Fire. I was asked about Theodore Roethke. I was told about the Country Women’s Association and the… 332 more words

He said: thank you for thanking us.

And his wife said: we lie in bed from six am to eight am every morning and read with cups of tea and we’ve been doing that for forty years. 679 more words