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When I Was in Grade 4

When I was in grade 4, I got into trouble for doing the wrong thing. This, back then, was to read all the readers in the box too fast, and then ask for more. 225 more words

The Shelf of Blue Books

There is a car stopped and parked directly outside the front window of the shop and it is another quiet day but those people getting out of that car are not quiet. 400 more words

I wish you would use your windscreen

This is what Annette said to Bruce when he could not find her anywhere and finally came into the shop today to see if I may know anything. 511 more words

The Reader's Bill of Rights

A customer said to me that Wilbur Smith has gone off the boil.
As a teenager, I read every single one of his books that I could get. 394 more words

Wanted: a needle swift enough to sew this poem into a blanket

Ricky came back to the shop today for some more Roman history, a book about the Roman orgies and a pony book for her granddaughters. She said she is also halfway through… 406 more words

Read a Book, Make a Friend

A book is a special object, a time-tested conveyor of not just information, but emotion and connection. Some of my best friends are books. ~ Seth Godin



Claudia is interested in A Series of Unfortunate Events, although disappointed that volume two is missing. She has a feeling about these books that is different from how she feels about other books. 121 more words