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Daily Picture Prompt 21 - Why Worry

Daily Picture Prompt 21 – Why Worry

Write a poem or story using this picture. Link it back to the link above from your blog. 45 more words


What - me worry?

Baby I see this world has made you sad
Some people can be bad
The things they do, the things they say.
But baby I’ll wipe away those bitter tears… 714 more words

Overcoming My Greatest Fear

If someone had asked me about 5/6 years ago what my greatest fear was, I’d readily answer “Growing old”. Lol yes! I was terribly scared of the thought of growing old. 553 more words


Go to sleep. . .

“Sleep peacefully, Dream sweetly, Wake happily”

Today, I am thankful for a Father who is always Always taking care of me.

In these days that have passed, I’ve been challenged, not with mountains that need conquering, but with the simple hard task of believing the words I have once strongly believed and have constantly been posting on my blog. 172 more words


When you make resolutions, don't forget them✏

Today is my birthday and I choose Joy! 💃💃💃

Many are blessed with the gift of “natural drive”. They remember the agendas on their to-do list even without looking at the list -they have a brilliant idea and they instantly run with it -they can successfully handle 100 agendas at a go -the level of their results and successes are very obvios -they leave the rest of us wondering “how does she do it?” 284 more words


With this ring, I thee wed. . .

“And this is the day my dream becomes a reality.”

It’s interesting how things always come to pass. I remember the painful countdown 😢 ; it started about two years ago, when my heart decided that Paul was God’s perfect plan for me. 244 more words


About Believing. . .

“Last minute miracles” and the likes.

Have you ever had to wait, and wait, and wait, then rush to look out the window to check if your miracle has arrived, and then, wait some more? 576 more words