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With this ring, I thee wed. . .

“And this is the day my dream becomes a reality.”

It’s interesting how things always come to pass. I remember the painful countdown 😢 ; it started about two years ago, when my heart decided that Paul was God’s perfect plan for me. 244 more words


About Believing. . .

“Last minute miracles” and the likes.

Have you ever had to wait, and wait, and wait, then rush to look out the window to check if your miracle has arrived, and then, wait some more? 584 more words


When the rain won't stop 💧⚡☔

Rain. . .

This season always gives me the chills; Paula can relate. If it starts to rain and I’m out of the house, my thougts begin to do a fast reverse; “Did I leave my clothes out on the line? 431 more words


Why Worry?

Worrying can consume your thoughts and have you thinking all of the bad things that can happen that hasn’t even occurred. We wrestle with all the negative situations that have occurred before and we set ourselves up with believing the worst is going to happen. 189 more words

Praise Break

Written BY Paul Chisom.

Every time I  hear the word “Praise”, I get really excited. Many preachers have preached great sermons and teachers have expounded the topic of praise birthing forth rhema as inspired by the Holyspirit, but the power in praise is inexhaustible. 266 more words


Then Why Worry?

Worry” – This two-syllable word is the easiest word we’ve come across in many ways.

Easy to pronounce ‘wʌri‘, Easy to spell ‘W.O.R.R.Y‘ and Easy to get into! 360 more words

Life & Inspiration

For Why?

My great-niece loves saying ‘for why.’ I think it’s her sweet and sassy way of shutting down a conversation. She’s only three and she is definitely a little boss! 240 more words