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Until​ The Night Passes

It’s four in the morning followed by a sleepless night,
Many things I should be worrying about,
Troubles that I can’t seem to run out,
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These 5 things don’t really count, why lose your self -esteem then?

1.The Facebook likes you get after posting posts/pictures on Facebook, after all you’ve put across your message.

2.The number of followers you have on twitter and Instagram. 70 more words


Why worry?

Somebody recently sent me this:

Do you have a problem in your life? > No. > Then why worry?

Do you have a problem in your life? 42 more words

Why Worry?

Dire Straits - Why Worry?

Why Worry? (Niye endişelenesin ki?)

Bir savaş var. Yıkıntılar, döküntüler, harap olmuş her yer. Çocuklar kaçışıyor, kaçırılıyor.

Al çocuklardan bir tanesini. Sana güvendiğini, rahatsız etmediğini görünce diğerleri de görür. 117 more words

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Roger’s note: well, today I read that, unlike previous presidents, the Trump Team passed on ethics training.  Why does this not surprise me?  Reminds me of the report that the Saudis training as pilots in Florida in preparation to strike the Twin Towers on 9/11, passed on learning how to land their planes.   115 more words

Roger Hollander

Why Worry?

All of us know that worrying about things don’t make easier rather hamper our decision making and fill us with negative thoughts. But in today’s world, we can’t avoid being worried about things. 329 more words

Bible Study

Why worry?

Published February 17, 2017

After two months spent churning around while the Nasdaq index caught up, stocks have powered upward so far this month. With this second leg of the post-election rally kicked off, investors have a substantial fear of missing out (FOMO as the social media set would call it). 286 more words

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