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OMG! You Really Can Get Fat Just Looking At Food!

From The Right Bite by Stephanie Dalvit-McPhillips:

There was a  remarkable study that was conducted at Yale University by Dr. Judith Rodin. She showed that the mere thought of food can start the food deposition process.

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Lap Bands: Why Diet and Exercise Doesn't Work

Oh, I can feel the flames of public disapproval hotly licking my little pink toes under the desk just for typing that outrageous title. One thing that we are not allowed to admit in our culture is that obesity is anything but a failure of will power among low class, trailer-living, Springer-loving, … 1,757 more words

Why You Can't (Or Don't) Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Fight, Flight or Let's Have Dinner

I was checking in with Dr. Terry Simpson’s podcasts to see if he has anything new up – sure enough, he does. But I started at the beginning with his podcasts on emotional eating. 216 more words

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Obesity Isn't Your Fault and How To Change It!

For those of you who are new to this blog and are wrestling with obesity, the first thing I want to say is that it’s time to give up your guilt. 877 more words

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Lap Bands, Red Wine and Fat Cells

Dr. Paul O’Brien is right! We do get to have our glass of red wine with a Lap Band! Not that I’m much of a drinker, but I would like to live longer. 363 more words

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Exercise, Weight Loss, and Metabolism

Here is a fascinating exchange from the New York Times’ head science writer, Gina Kolata about her book, RETHINKING THIN. Here is the book… 406 more words

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Caffeine, Insulin, Fat and Weight Loss

As I mentioned earlier today, Gwen of Gwen’s WLS Journey was stuck on a weight loss plateau for several days. She’s lost eighty pounds with her Lap Band and is now down to losing her final fifteen. 444 more words

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