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But.. why?

I must ask myself at least 10 times a day… ‘but.. why?’

Why do I feel sad?

Why do I feel pain?

Why do I hate myself so much? 142 more words

Few Of My Thoughts

Speak Like Your Voice is Gone Tomorrow 

Words that have been used to describe my speaking style: “enthusiastic… high energy… contagious… passionate.”

If you want to see if this is true, see for yourself… 397 more words


August 21st 2016

Okay, I’m back at it again. The goal is to get as high as humanly possible and writing random bullshit. My brain works a mile a minute, so I’m really only able to think about writing and write what I think if I get my thoughts to sync up with the keys. 531 more words

Never the same...

So it’s a quiet night no friends just the Fam and we are all settled in the only sound I hear is the humming of the air conditioner and for the moment my husband snoring softly…hmm this may get a bit noiser . 236 more words

Why Does My Cat Rub Against My Legs?

Is Autumn trying to trip me?

Well, no.  Unlike in the cartoons, your cat is not planning to make you fall on your face by wrapping around your legs the instant you walk in the door with an arm load of groceries. 274 more words


New Music Video "WHY" by Sabrina Carpenter

Check out the new video “WHY” by Disney Channel superstar Sabrina Carpenter….amazing song/amazing singer


AHH Phone Addiction 

Phones are a serious addiction there is actual scientific proof that you can become addicted to your phone. And it’s extremely scary when you’re driving around and you see NO kids playing outside. 370 more words