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Defining the word "Witch"

“Witchcraft has been defined as whatever is not the official way of getting in touch with supernatural forces; opinions as to what does and does not constitute witchcraft are therefore entirely relative to whatever the established practices are at any given place or time. 373 more words

Thoughts on Initiation

An online discussion on a popular Wiccan message board the other day inspired me to sit down and contemplate further the idea of Initiation and what it means. 2,610 more words

Sabbat of Candlemass

At the Sabbat of Candlemass, (February 2015) the witches of our coven and companionship met around the altar in the temple here for the purposes of honoring the feast of waxing light and to celebrate the purification of the Earth-Mother so she could conceive of the birth of Spring. 539 more words

House Blessing

A house blessing is a very simple ritual to do.

As part of the Sacred Pentagraph tradition, there is an extraordinarily effective house blessing that can be done as part of the tradition that we love very much. 137 more words

Witches on Vinyl

During the early 1970s, a number of witches released their own vinyl records through various record companies. Three of these records stand out among the rest. 381 more words

Thoughts About Polarity (Part 2)

Let’s go back to the early 1990s. The previous couple of decades had seen the rise of feminist groups and the Women’s Refuge movement. A growing awareness of women’s issues and the need for safe space represented by refuges, gave rise to many woman-centred or single-sex women’s groups, to create psychological safe spaces for women to share pain from inequalities or harms suffered in a patriarchal society. 1,162 more words


More Interesting Books

In this post, we thought it may be a good idea to briefly discuss a few more book selections that may or may not be of interest to seekers and adepts alike…. 478 more words