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Cuts for COS Budget 2015 – Ministry of Manpower (Review of Work Injury Compensation) by Member of Parliament for Nee Soon GRC, Patrick Tay

The last effected change in the work injury compensation claim limits was in 2012 and was based on median wages of 2010. However, wages as well as the cost of healthcare has gone up the past few years and I urge MOM to review both the minimum and maximum payout limits for all heads under the work injury compensation framework to ensure equitable payouts to workers who suffer workplace injuries. 292 more words

Labour Movement


Check out this new blog from David a Gardnerian in Canada who describes his blog in About. Yet Another Gardnerian Blog joins the list of blogs seeking to widen the perception of Gardnerian Wicca in the magical arts.

The Craft

A Structured Kind of Wicca: The Pentagram in the Pentagon

Another part of the coven work we are working on, attempting to give a bit of structure to the covens magick.  Eliminating gaps in knowledge, and giving a foundations of basics so they can venture down and advance in their own chosen areas.  1,007 more words


A Structured Kind of Wicca... well just for Magick

Wicca is Religion first, then Magick.  Wicca is a Magick embracing Religion.

A Friend of mine, in their coven, noticed that they were not all speaking the same language when it came to the “Magick” aspect.  1,061 more words


Mini Brass Cauldron

Small Brass Cauldron 3″
$20.85 In stock

Perfect for the witch on the go! This mini cauldron is 3″ deep and about the size of a baseball. 19 more words