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More Interesting Books

In this post, we thought it may be a good idea to briefly discuss a few more book selections that may or may not be of interest to seekers and adepts alike…. 478 more words

Theosophy & Magic: White and Black

Theosophical thought and discussion is a big part of our group discussions here. Various Theosophical texts, musings and writings have been influential in witchcraft for a long time now. 325 more words

Gerald Gardner & Sybil Leek

Both Gerald Gardner and Sybil Leek were incredible witches during their lifetimes and have been recorded into the history books of occult legends.

As we approach thanksgiving, I think it is not only important to remember and give thanks to your loved ones and friends, but also to those that have been trailblazers of the religion of witchcraft. 603 more words

The Golden Bough

Another set of book recommendations is the complete set of James Frazer’s, “The Golden Bough.”

It makes very good reading.  Some of the research was done 2nd hand, but it still gives a ton of wonderful information. 76 more words

Lucky Rabbit's Foot! Four-leaf clover! Crosses! Crucifix!

In the world of the paranormal and the occult, amulets and talismans have always been popular the entire world over. I don’t think that one country on this planet exists where people did not carry, hang or wear an amulet or talisman of some kind. 1,018 more words

Automatic Writing

The subject of automatic writing is a very curious stepping stone for those looking to develop further psychic talent.

How does it work?

By holding a pen or pencil in your hand and gently resting it on a pad of paper, you send a signal to your brain that you “are about to write something.” If you don’t intentionally write something using your conscious mind, your brain will still recognize the behavior that something is about to be written or drawn on the paper. 584 more words

Candle Magic and a Candle Spell

Candle magic is widely popular.  Probably the majority of the spells in pop-culture witchcraft are candle spells.  We do use candle spells in coven as well from time to time, but there are other secret ways that traditional covens use to make group magic together teaching up to the techniques of magic that may be described by folks as the very heart of magic, or the “quintessence of magic” – but for doing a spell by yourself, candle magic is a nice way to stimulate the mind and create a space of mystery and magic. 1,053 more words