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Initiation and Updates!

I said I would talk about being uncomfortable in the Craft, so this post I will make good on that promise. Before I do here are the updates on the day to day. 998 more words


Wicca Is A Magical Religion

Wicca is a form of modern pagan witchcraft founded by Gerald Gardner in Britain during the mid-20th century. Gardner claimed that he was initiated in 1939 into a coven of witches, and then helped reassemble their fragmentary practices and beliefs into a cohesive religious form. 938 more words


More than 20 Workplace Accidents since January

Channel NewsAsia reported that on 4 April, Monday, the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council said 22 workers have died from workplace accidents since the start of 2016, more than the 18 from the same period last year. 585 more words

Sabbat of Beltane

We look forward to the season of Wine and Roses every year. To us, this is known as Beltane and is one of my most favorite Sabbats of the year. 188 more words

Sabbat of Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is the astrological New Year for us and is when Aries the Ram greets us again once again like a long lost friend. 379 more words

Defining the word "Witch"

“Witchcraft has been defined as whatever is not the official way of getting in touch with supernatural forces; opinions as to what does and does not constitute witchcraft are therefore entirely relative to whatever the established practices are at any given place or time. 373 more words

Thoughts on Initiation

An online discussion on a popular Wiccan message board the other day inspired me to sit down and contemplate further the idea of Initiation and what it means. 2,610 more words