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Dedication to Sloth

It’s Tuesday, day of passion and energy; the day of Mars and Tyr so it is appropriate to talk on this tale today.  This year’s commitment to me is to write, write, and write.  134 more words


Taking style tips from Tarot and Oracle cards!

Ooh, I saw a popular youtuber (CutiePieMarzia !) do this and thought this is such a cool idea. How about for Halloween to do the makeup and costume of a favorite Tarot or Oracle card. 39 more words


A Healthy Witchcraft Balance

If you follow my Twitter account, you might have read about me ditching my mundane Facebook account, and going all in with my Pagan account. I thought that was going well, but apparently Facebook didn’t seem to think my real name was my Craft name. 432 more words


Leaving Yahoo: A Sad Wiccan's Tale

I’m breaking up with Yahoo. As you have surely read, there was a huge security hack that happened quite some time ago, yet Yahoo chose to stay silent until recently. 711 more words


Wicca; The Existence of Deities

In the past, I’ve written quite a bit about having a strong belief in deity, and the existence of deity. I’ve been thinking about that quite a bit lately, and have examined my belief system in a more in-depth way. 675 more words