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Getting somewhere

I started planning a novel yesterday and already have all 16 chapters outlined and I’m ready to write. I am excited to get a novel outlined all the way threw. 142 more words

Goddess poem

Goddess of the world;

Half of the all.

Everywhere you look,

She made it all.

Moon is her sign;

Personification of night.

Stars swirling ’round, 27 more words


A New Hope

It has been a trying couple of weeks for a lot of people.  Make that a trying year, as the U.S. Elections have wrapped up.  I do not want to take any political stand in this forum, but I want to make some commentary to put this in frame of mind when I look back.  691 more words


Dream a Little Dream of Me

I finally experienced my first ‘lucid dream’, or at the very least an enhanced normal dream last night.  Fully conscious of the matter and state of the dream I was able to actively participate or become the silent observer as the case may be.  1,205 more words


Time to Recharge

The full moon, nay, a super moon occurs in Las Vegas Monday the 14th of November at 5:52 AM so that means it is a perfect time to cleanse and charge my crystals and ready them for any spell work or strength I need from them over the next lunar month. 414 more words


Goodbye Politics, Hello Wicca

If you follow my Twitter account, you have a pretty good idea that I thought Donald Trump was totally unqualified to be President, preyed upon the fears, and unfortunately, the surprising hatred that still exists in this country. 584 more words


Is There A Broom Closet Door to Open?

For the nearly 13 years I’ve been a practicing Pagan and Wiccan, I’ve been in the broom closet. Until a year or so ago, I was perfectly fine with that. 794 more words