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Witch Tip: Cascarilla | 18-03-17

Cascarilla is a powder made from eggshells that can be used in chalked or loose form.

It repels negative energy and is a potent cleansimg and protecting agent that you can make quite easily at home. 30 more words


7 Things About Ostara

I was doing some light reading and there is a lot of information out there about Ostata, some good, some kind of stupid.  I found seven of my favorite things, spiritual and mundane, that I wanted to share with you about Ostara (spring, or vernal, equinox).   517 more words


Cottage Witchcraft

I think my blog post from yesterday confused people as much as I was confused when I reread it later in the day. I wrote that early in the day, having come off the day before, when I found out that I need a crapload of dental work done on something I thought was already rectified. 521 more words


Get Back to Where you Once Belong

I had to make a decision yesterday.  To some it may have seemed like a snap decision or a rash decision, but much thought went into it.  543 more words


Never mind - A Witch Freaks Out 

So yesterday’s post might have had more to do with frustration, anxiety, and my immune system crapping out on me with another arthritic flare-up. It was one of those posts you write, then sit on a day or two, reflecting on your feelings, then usually end up deleting. 300 more words


Witchcraft & Raising Vibrations

I think we’ve all read accounts of witches identifying as “white” or “dark” witches. I’ve really never given that much mind, as I had always connected those terms with magick. 814 more words


Sauna Time

Someone recently asked me, at the gym of all places, why I wear a pentagram.  This was an unusual question because ninety-nine percent of the time, I realize that if people see the nearly two inch wide wooden pentagram hanging on my chest I will get this question, so I usually hang it up in my locker first.  664 more words