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Wicca; The Existence of Deities

In the past, I’ve written quite a bit about having a strong belief in deity, and the existence of deity. I’ve been thinking about that quite a bit lately, and have examined my belief system in a more in-depth way. 675 more words


Wicca: A Destination For the Soul

Recently, I was thinking back on how my life fell completely apart when I first got divorced. Everything collapsed, my job, my social life, my friendships, my living arraignments, my self esteem. 606 more words

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Witchcraft Living: Sharing Experiences

When I started down the Craft path, I viewed witchcraft as an activity. Something you visit on a regular basis. Perform a ritual, cast a spell, do some reading, then move on with your day. 527 more words

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Paganism: Emerging From The Shadows

I was inspired to write this post as a sort of reply to Dusty’s comment on my post, “Choosing Witchcraft over the Mundane.” As an aside, I haven’t written here in awhile because I had been writing on… 575 more words

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Happiness in Balance

Transformation of thought requires transformation of the doing…Do what makes others happy, as long as it pleases your soul…
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