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Talking To Spirits

So something has been on my mind lately and I decided now might be a good time to write about it. In an online group I’m apart of someone asked for help talking to spirits so her friend could ask her dad some questions. 3,283 more words


Wicca is not Nice

There’s a lot to be said (later, when I’m not running late for work) about the pathway by which Wicca became a religion characterized by “tolerance” and “open-mindedness” and “doing no harm.” 21 more words


Searching for Morrigan followers

Yup you guessed it. Since ive been getting called by Morrigan a lot I wanted to see if there were any Pagans/Witches out there who follow or know lot about the celtic Goddess the Morrigan she has come to me but not as a super dark or death Goddess as she put it she’s the light in the darkness so just hoping to talk to some others who know her this way to get some opinions on things. 27 more words



Two months ago I was told that the school that I work for, and where I attended for my undergraduate degree, would be closing. By June 30th I will be out of a job, I’ll need to be fully moved out of my apartment and into my boyfriend’s, and I’ll need to have secured employment that can cover my living costs until I can find something more permanent. 750 more words


Earth Day - Planting our Trees

With all the planning and creating we have been doing over the past few weeks for our Beltaine celebrations I totally forgot that I hadn’t posted about the┬álovely little tree’s Violet and I planted last month, as part of the Grass-roots effort for Earth Day 2015. 167 more words

Life As A Witch

Spirit Guides - Wicca subject of the week

Hey everyone,

I’m really late on the subject of the week. Forgive me. I don’t remember talking about spirit guides before, so I thought I would give my opinions and thoughts on the subject. 176 more words


Beltane Blasts

So here is a quick post about our first Beltane as a group. It went really well and we had a lot of fun. We had two separate rituals and camped out celebrating nature for 4 days. 310 more words