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Witchcraft & Raising Vibrations

I think we’ve all read accounts of witches identifying as “white” or “dark” witches. I’ve really never given that much mind, as I had always connected those terms with magick. 814 more words


Sauna Time

Someone recently asked me, at the gym of all places, why I wear a pentagram.  This was an unusual question because ninety-nine percent of the time, I realize that if people see the nearly two inch wide wooden pentagram hanging on my chest I will get this question, so I usually hang it up in my locker first.  664 more words


Woden's Day

Today is Wednesday.

Named for Odin (From Norse; see also Anglo-Saxon and German Woden or Wotan), “Odin’s (or Woden’s) Day”

Associated with the planet Mercury… 166 more words


Unintended Lessons (or, HOCUS FOCUS!)

I have started the next path in my “Year and a Day”, and I am currently composing my thoughts in more detail on my first or so with… 814 more words


Get in Touch

Take a moment today to feel your religion. Notice the Gods in your life and meditate on how you interact with them. Do you petition time after time, or do you pause to listen and reflect? 78 more words


What I Learned

I was not born into witchcraft, and neither of my parents shows any innate ability for clairvoyance, spell craft or really anything outside of being spectacularly good at watching reality television, but hey, they love it and I love them.  1,090 more words


Wiccan Ritual, Meditation & Depression

For the past several years, one of my promises to myself was to start meditating regularly. Unfortunately, I’ve failed miserably at that promise. This year started more promisingly, but not for the right reason. 549 more words