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In the Broom Closet

Witchcraft is a funny thing.  People are amazed and scared by it at the same time.  I have several friends who by their own admission would not be caught dead associating with a witch, yet two things occur to me; one, bwahahaha – they are!  1,115 more words


On Wiccan Sabbats

One of the people who I follow on Twitter posed a question this morning that I thought required more space than 140 characters. The question was “what is your favorite Sabbat, and why?” 439 more words


Magick and Science - Wicca subject of the week

Hello everyone,

Well I thought for this week’s subject I would discuss magick and science. I recently read and reviewed the book ‘The Witch’s Magical Handbook… 246 more words

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Welcome Back II!

Conversation this morning on the drive in to work… 266 more words


Mythology and media

Hi everyone,

I sort of wanted to continue on the theme of last week’s subject. I realize that I sort of sounded overly bitchy about mythology and movies. 315 more words

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Happy Mother's Day💞

Happy Mother’s Day to all whom with heart, sweat and prayers have raised a child.

New Age

Religious, not Spiritual and the Cult of the Teddy God

“I’m not religious, but I’m spiritual.”

This phrase is uttered a lot these days, and tends to mean “I have spiritual beliefs and / or practices but I do not adhere to any codified religion or belong to any religious institution.” The lack of those professing any religious adherence (such as those checking “none” in the religious category on a census form) is also held up as indicative of a movement towards a-religiosity among those in the modern West. 1,720 more words