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Paralyzing Emotions

Mentor/ Hierophant: The cat is a guide who is both cunning and wise. There are definite challenges ahead but be sure to use fundamental knowledge as a tool to overcome obstacles. 261 more words


Ground Your Journey 

Four of Pentacles: this archetype is stubborn, stagnant, possessive, limiting, controlling, and restrictive. In this world of materialism, possessiveness is at its worst. We must put less emphasis on our possessions. 263 more words


Personal Tarot Card - Wicca subject for the week

Hello everyone,

Sorry I am not on time. Just been busy with getting over this cold. My sinuses and asthma is also giving me trouble. Ugh! 233 more words


Mabon (September 19th, 2015)

Help Wanted:

Surveyor to lay geo-centric circles.  Must be willing to work at altitude in rocky terrain with exposure to the elements, notably the cold and the sun (Or Sylphs, Undines, Salamanders or Gnomes).  824 more words


(a note on) Personal Freedom

From the Inner Temple of Witchcraft

“Witches seek freedom from dogma, the freedom to personally delve into the mysteries of the divine and find our own answers.  196 more words

General Thoughts

Accept and Move On

Ten of Swords: This is the end of a cycle and a beginning of a new chapter. Keep riding this mood of change. It is so important to liberate yourself from old, bad habits and behaviors. 177 more words


A Place of Worship at Work

I work as the supervisor of workforce operations in the hospitality industry, within the call center. In this role I am constantly on the go and rushing to meet deadlines. 117 more words