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"those upsetting words"

Had some good talk time with book club friends tonight, and I was reminded once again how hard it can be to talk about my spiritual path – not because I don’t love it, but because the words available to me are sometimes so loaded.  889 more words

General Thoughts

Offerings to the Gods and Goddesses


Today I would like to give you some insight on how I do offerings and what things should you consider while making offerings to certain Gods and Goddesses. 537 more words


Mid Week Fun

I had such plans for this week; catch up and get ahead at work, hit the gym hard, and practice a littlespellcraft as it relates to divination and meditation. 107 more words


I Went a Little Widdershins

Some lessons in life are very costly, but others are free and sometimes humbling.  I had the experience of one such free humbling lesson.  A lesson learned though guides us, reminds us and sometimes bites us but if we commit to it, our actions can become more meaningful, respectful and earnest. 434 more words


Friends and Support | 08-08-2015

I have a best friend/non-biological sister named Chelsea, also known as Elsea, and she is the best friend I could ever hope for. In summary, my life would be a very dark one without her. 101 more words


I am what I am

I am a writer. No I haven’t been published yet, but I am what I am. I write everyday and I have even made some really useful contacts. 44 more words


Life Update: Patheos, Fall Plans, and Rambling

I miss you, thornthewitch.com.   How have you been? I promised myself that I would keep updating, even once I began writing for Patheos, and I’m afraid I’m failing you. 494 more words