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An Ode to My Mindless Job, or I'm Glad I'm Not a Professional Witch

There’s this thing I do that I’m trying to get a handle on. It’s like it’s some inherent part of my personality that I just can’t shake, and it gets me in trouble: I take the things I’m passionate about and I turn them into work. 901 more words


December Update

I’ve been pretty quiet on the Internet lately. I haven’t blogged, haven’t posted to Facebook, and have just generally been keeping to myself these days. 568 more words


The Green Fairy

has arrived a week early. WOOT!

Why a Green Fairy and not a Blue Fairy? You ask her! LOL :)

seriously, they didn’t have the stuff for her to be blue! 91 more words


A Witch's First Séance

This witch is firmly rooted in skepticism, which sounds a little contradictory with our continued experimentation of energy transference, divination, etc. but I am a firm believer that science is magic made manifest.  940 more words


Learning Lenormand at Crone's Hollow

My first foray back into the pagan community in Salt Lake City happened Tuesday night, after a 12 year or more hole.  I visited a store that I have been familiar with from my previous time in Salt Lake City (before my deepening of pagan understanding) and online called… 582 more words