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Charging and Empowering Magick Jewelry

Some of the most effective magick is often achieved with the most simplest of spells. Hedge witch magick can be very simple magick. Wishing magick, blessings, prayers, are often the normal spell work for a hedge witch. 651 more words

Why Wands

As I’m starting the process of resurrecting my crafting business from the limbo it has been been in. I’m starting with some simple and quick projects.  277 more words

April: Moon of the Waters

April 4th’s full moon is known by some Pagans as the “moon of the waters.”  It embodies the old saying that “April showers bring May flowers.”  The rains of April help the earth to turn green again.  328 more words


Ostara Wine

This recipe came from The Book of Shadows. I love wine, a lot. So I’m always looking for wine to help celebrate the Sabbats. This looks really tasty and I can’t wait to try. 62 more words


Live and Let Live

One of the things I find beautiful about humanity is the variety.  Tall, short, fat, thin, the rainbow of melanin, brown eyes and blue (and grey and green and all the fun contacts out there)… 633 more words


Twilight Yggdrasil

And now on Layaway for a customer, that was fast! :)

This necklace would be a stunning stealth devotional piece to wear for Odin–perfect for a godspouse or any devotee, or as a gift to place on His shrine. 322 more words


Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Good Morning Readers
It looks as if many of us will be seeing a return to warmer weather by this weekend allowing us to get out and enjoy the sights and smells of Spring. 521 more words

The Daily Moon