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Have you heard? Some Wiccans Casting a spell against Trump... tonight

I was minding my own business browsing the information on Buzzfeed when lo and behold an article about Wicca.


Those of my readers who are more knowledgeable about spell casting. 222 more words


Ostara - Spring Equinox

Ostara – Spring Equinox – March 21st/22nd

This marks the Spring Equinox. This is our Pagan Easter or rather; this is the day that the Christians borrowed to be their Easter. 335 more words



Sigils are magic designs created with a specific intent. They’re actually one of the easiest types of magic to use.  They are perfect for a witch who doesn’t want their practice out in the open or someone who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on candles, herbs, and stones.   632 more words


Inside My Mind: Hocus POTUS...But is it 'For Good'? My Thoughts on the United 'Spell' Against POTUS

First off, let me say how much the POTUS  genuinely makes me want to curl up under a rock and never want to face humanity again – but at the same time makes me think..HEY Maybe I am actually qualified for jobs I’m really not!! 321 more words

The Scene at PantheaCon 2017

Oooh! When I walk into PantheaCon and see my Pagan brothers and sisters dressed in their sacred symbols, I know that I’ve returned to one of my homes. 1,346 more words

Moonwater Silverclaw

General Use Sigils

So sigils are a HUGE part of my magic.  Between them and herbs, they make up most of my craft.  I’ll be doing a big post of what sigils are and how to make them tomorrow, but wanted to share with you guys some I made recently.   17 more words


Harness the Power of Nature

As I lay on my hammock out in this glorious yet unseasonable weather in Pennsylvania today, the sounds and smells of spring are upon us. The crocuses have already begun to bloom and the birds are chirping much earlier than usual. 368 more words