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A Spell to Attract New and Positive Friends

One of my readers asked about how to create a spell to attract new friends.

I think the easiest spell you can do is a candle spell. 534 more words

Moonwater Silverclaw

New Moon Healing and Protection Spell

This is my first DIY spell meant for positive change in the coming lunar cycle. I incorporated the wasp nest because I recently found some pieces just laying on the ground and, after consulting some fellow witches ( 364 more words


Black Moon 2016

Though I would make a page just for myself really to remember how really good this mornings peak am time rituals and spells really have gone! 24 more words

Just For Fun - Shared From My Fiction Blog

Since I started my YouTube channels I’ve done something to fit the Halloween Mood. Last Year I did a video series on my vlog channel and played the Halloween events in Guild Wars 2 on my gaming channel.

35 more words

Religious Contemplation



John Waterhouse

Painted: 1900

Like I said back in November last year, I’ve not really been very active with my religion other than in basic prayer and meditation. 1,078 more words


Haiku #3: Celebrating The Revealéd Colours Of Autumn

It’s one of my favourite times of the year. Autumn is here, and the evidence for it is gathering momentum. Leaf fall. ‘Scrunching’ underfoot. That awesome smell. 165 more words

Christian Thought

Connecting with Spirit and the Fear Self

Spirit works with the imagination, not against it. Our imagination is actually a direct sense of potential, which is the realm of spirit.

We waste a lot of time when we worry if we are “merely imagining” spirit messages. 84 more words