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Leftovers in the Druid Kitchen

Has that happened to you? You have bought this gigantic container of baby spinach leaves or arugula for that one fancy salad or as a garnish for a meal you made for your friends on the weekend. 556 more words


Spell of the Week

Hello, Folks!

I can’t believe we’re almost to the longest day of the year, Litha! It seems like only a week ago that our seemingly endless Upper Midwest winter gave way to an instant summer, and now we already find ourselves on the brink of our descent from the sun. 917 more words

How I Became a Solitary (or...you want to do what to whom and why?)

I was fourteen years old.  That was 1968, and a very tough year for not only myself, but for America.  Everything was falling apart, or so it seemed. 927 more words


How to keep the fire alive\\ Embrace it

Everyone knows it – at some point ot one’s life one strays from the path into the jungle called boring realistic life and pushes their craft aside for a period of time. 551 more words


Celebrating Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice, which is the longest day of the year, is traditionally celebrated with bonfires in Northern European paganism. These bonfires charged the sun’s energy and encouraged a strong growing season and later, a good harvest. 133 more words


A Creek Through the Woods - Changing Pagan Paths

I suppose I could be cliche and quote that great poem by Robert Frost. You know the one. But instead I’d like to ramble a bit about a decision that’s been rattling about in my brain for the past few days. 1,586 more words