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How To Get Ready For The Blue Moon

The sky was a midnight blue, like warm, deep, blue water, and the moon seemed to lie on it like a water lily, floating forward with an invisible current.

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The Call

Have you ever been jolted from a sound sleep by someone calling your name, then sat up and discovered you were alone? What you heard was the call of the Goddess.

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Welcome To My Blog

This is the second blog I have started, the first one did not go so great and as I furthered my research, I decided to open on up here on WordPress. 721 more words

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G is for the GODS

*From our series: “Our ABC’s of Wicca, from the perspective of the Coven of the Wolfa”

First and foremost, we believe in a Universal Source of Power. 138 more words

BunniHotep helps Yemaya

Once upon a time there was a small rabbit goddess named BunniHotep. Occasionally she liked to go down to the seaside and sit on the sand and watch the waves come in. 711 more words


Attempting to Unravel the Wiccan Enigma

The purpose of the blog is first and foremost to serve as a collection of research, ideas, and explanations regarding Wicca and the related Witchcraft. This will in turn aid me in my attempt to author a book on the subject. 51 more words


Magic School : Tarot (Father of Pentacles)

Good morning, my lovelies!

This morning I pulled a really great card, the Father of Pentacles. This is a card bursting with power and potential, just the ticket for a Wednesday morning! 455 more words