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Doa Perlindungan saat Malam

Doa ini dipergunakan oleh suatu kelompok wicca dan dibaca untuk memohon perlindungan saat malam, ditujukan untuk menghadirkan kekuatan bulan/ dewi bulan

english :
Hail fair moon, ruler of the night
Watch over me, protect me, and keep me safe
Until dawn’s early light

indonesia : 
Kuhaturkan salam kepada bulan, sang penguasa malam
awasilah diriku, lindungilah aku dan jagalah diriku agar tetap aman
sampai fajar dini hari menyingsing

Mantra Sebelum Makan - Wicca

Dibaca cukup 1x sebelum makan, setelah selesai lalu mulai makan

Wahai ibu bumi, kami mengucapkan terimakasih
untuk makanan dan minuman yang telah engkau limpahkan
untuk perlindunganmu dan cintamu
dan segalanya yang engkau lakukan untuk kami
Kami menghaturkan terimakasih, cinta dan kegembiraan saat kami makan dari limpahan karuniamu, Wahai Ibu Bumi

English :
Oh Mother Earth, we thank you so 
For the food and beverage you bestow 
For your protection and your love 
And everything you do for us 
We offer you thanks, love and mirth
As we eat your bounty, Mother Eart

Officially published!

Greetings everyone,

Recently I submitted an article for publication for the Fall edition over at Spiral Tree. I was really honored to find out that I was one of the ones to be selected to have my articles posted for the Fall edition. 96 more words


Alien Changeling

A “changeling” in folklore, is when a human child is swapped out for a faerie child by faerie folk.  The faerie child is raised among human parents but shows unusual behaviors, traits, or afflictions that basically scares the human parents into participating in infanticide when they suspect changeling. 1,707 more words


Protect yourself from messing up a spell

“I’m afraid that I’ll mess up my spells,” my friend, Adriana, said.

“And?” I asked.

“And, I just don’t do them often.”

It’s important to pay attention to a situation like this one. 1,295 more words

Moonwater Silverclaw

New Life

It might seem like an odd time of year to be talking about new life but I have some to share. I have been wondering what my big harvest is going to be this year. 209 more words


New Moon Offering Ritual

New Moon for me is to celebrate the birth of the Goddess! As samhain nears, the veil gets thinner, darkness is filled with Whispers from beyond this world! 267 more words