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Cleaning house

Every few months I like to do a cleansing on my apartment. Lately I’ve been using plain dried sage though a bundle of dried white sage is best. 267 more words


A Prayer for Survival of Mercury Retrograde

Goddess, give me the strength and energy to survive

This Mercury Retrograde

Give me the patience of water wearing at a rock

The quick relentless energy of the red squirrel… 102 more words


The witches are back. Or perhaps they never left.

The smell of incense spread around the room as it slowly burned on the altar, illuminated by the light of candles. Three young women, dressed in black velvet, gently moved their bodies to the rhythm of a drum. 1,228 more words


I’m an empath. It is a blessing and a curse as other empaths reading this can attest to. We feel everything so strongly, we pick up and feed off of other people’s moods, energy, body language, tone of voice, and have a strong intuition that sometimes even tells us when something good or bad is going to happen.  390 more words

What magic means to me

Merry meet!

I normally write here at the weekend, but with Beltane just around the corner, I figured I would be too busy. So, I’m coming to you early this week with what magic means to me. 595 more words