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Question: Dragon Riding.

“Can a Dragon be ridden?”~Querent.

“Yes, but they would have a very good reason to do it. We aren’t beasts of burden. If a Dragon carries someone or flies with them, they are probably family or close friends. 26 more words


The Covenant of the Goddess Creates Vision and Mission Statements for the Organization

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, August 12, 2018: One of the first actions of the 2018 Grand Council of the Covenant of the Goddess (COG) was creation of and consensus on a vision statement and mission statement. 98 more words


Second Quarter Review

Can you tell I used to be one of those corporate folk? ‘Second quarter review’, some habits die hard I suppose.┬áBut here we are, and a little late for writing this. 116 more words


Question: What is a Ziggurat's Purpose?

“What was a Ziggurat’s purpose?”
“A Ziggurat was a high-walled building used as a secure housing facility. Many of them had multi-story passages and rooms. The lack of large windows ensured it stayed cool inside. 282 more words


Tasseography 101

Today I thought we would talk about tasseography. What exactly it is, how to do a reading, and some resources to help you figure out what the symbols mean. 1,000 more words


Comment: On Slaying Dragons

“One should never slay a Dragon. Why would you try to snuff out Magick? Isn’t this world devoid enough of it? That creates societies full of powerless, bland people. 46 more words