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Bill Johnson Encourages WICCA

Bill Johnson of the new Apostolic Reformation has actually encouraged Wicca that they are on the right path and to keep going in that direction. Can you believe that? 93 more words

New Apostolic Reformation

The Pleasure of Movement

Tomorrow is Ostara! The birds are singing their joy as dawn approaches; it is a balmy 39°F; and I really, really wanted to be on a long walk this morning. 2,004 more words


Wicca Insight

If you haven’t, you need to check out Harmony Nice. I recently watched a video she had done on YouTube called “All About Wicca… 295 more words


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (Or, a Wiccan Approach to Radical Self-Acceptance)

Maybe it’s only because I’ve been having a lot of similar conversations with my girl friends lately, but it seems to me that right now lots of us would benefit from a spell for loving  1,795 more words


And the Earth Awakens...

The New Moon has just occurred, as I write this, and in just three days the Vernal Equinox takes place and the return of the Goddess to the northern hemisphere begins. 531 more words

News And Events

Clash of the Pantheons:

The description of my blog is “a blog dedicated to my adventures in studying Neo-Paganism in central Ohio.”, and I feel like I have not written a whole lot on that topic. 584 more words


Gotta love it!

So one of my coworkers is catholic, as in hardcore Anglo Saxon Catholic. He is really proud of it and knows almost all of the history of it which is cool listening to some of the history sometimes until he starts to go on and on about it. 151 more words