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Walpurgisnacht Chant

A blessed May Eve/Walpurgisnacht/Beltane to all who celebrate in the Northern Hemisphere, and a blessed All Hallowstide/Samhain to friends Down Under! Here is a little chant we used to do in my coven after the balefire has been consecrated and we danced around it to raise energy: 222 more words


Blessed Beltane!

Happy Beltane, Wonderfully Witchy people!

Today’s the Pagan fertility sabbat (to condense it to its barest terms), so ritual away to celebrate the abundance in your life, embrace sensuality, celebrate the Goddess and the God, and above all bloom wildly, beautifully, and lovingly – like Spring itself!

Celebrating Beltane/ May Day 2017

Happy Beltane/ May Day everyone. Beltane, meaning “bright fire” is one of the four great fire festivals of the ancient Celtic cultures. In ancient Irish culture it was the time when both the Tuatha De Danaan and the Milesians came to Ireland and was originally celebrated when the Hawthorns began to blossom. 995 more words


Finding Moments for God and Goddess

“I got nothing,” my friend, Joe, said, as we were doing a comedy improvisation exercise.

“I got nothing” is the classic comment that a comedian says when he or she gets stuck and cannot add anything to a moment of improvisation. 1,033 more words

Moonwater Silverclaw

The Wild Man of the Woods

Beltane always makes my mind dwell on one of my oldest obsessions; the Wild Man. The wodewose, meaning “woodland” or “of the wood,” was first mentioned as the character Enkidu in the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh. 1,035 more words


Beltane Fires of Passion and Power

As the wheel turns and May comes upon us, we mark our ancestors’ paths as a time of light returning. Many still celebrate Beltane with music, dancing and huge bonfires. 488 more words



The Queen she glows
Like embers of the Fire
May moon above alight;
The King he comes to her
Bound by the earth
To wed with her this night.

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