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An Oak Tree Life

This last Saturday my husband and I took a trip through California’s Gold Country.¬† We are fortunate that we are only a couple of hours away from some of the most beautiful scenery in California. 776 more words


Why Witches Have Brooms

Long ago it was an established fact among non-witches that magical brooms bore witches aloft, keeping them hidden deep in the shadows of the night as they flew to their secret meeting locations. 420 more words


A Year and a Day

It is incredible to me that my year and a day approaches so quickly. So much has happened, so much has changed, but my dedication to my Goddess, The Morrigan, and to Wicca, has not. 227 more words



With their large eyes and excellent field of vision, owls represent truth and wisdom. Just like the owl guides Athena, they show up in your life to warn you that something important is being hidden and help you see the true picture. 191 more words


Book Review #1 ~ A Complete Idiot's Guide To Witchcraft And Wicca

Heyo everyone!

Welcome to my first book review! :D

I’ve been thinking about doing this sort of idea for a while but wasn’t to sure how to go about it, but now it’s kind of like…”I’ll do it MY way” sort of thing, so I do hope that you enjoy my reviews of things that I enjoy and I will do my best to encapsulate everything one may wish to see in a review: the positives, the negatives, overview, what could be improved etc. 1,304 more words


The Magic of Focus

“Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace” introduced fans to characters they would eventually love to hate (meesa sorry, Jar-Jar Binks), non-canonical bits of explanation concerning the nature of the Force , and the sad notion that one’s ability to commune with and manipulate the Force boiled down to how many Midichlorians were attracted to and nestled in the cells of the body. 400 more words