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Daily Divination 4/21/15

Okay all here we are again. Doing my daily divination and to make it more interesting I’m doing the gilded tarot deck the wiccan oracle deck and runes. 490 more words


Introducing River the Pendulum :)

Which Way Does The Pendulum Swing?

So I signed up for another course on witchschool.com  Its about Pendulums. Now I’ve had a pendulum and I’ve played with them before but I’ve never really studied it. 704 more words


Samhain Spell: Warming the Hearth

This spell is best performed on the eve of the autumn equinox or on the eve of Samhain 1 May (Southern Hemisphere). It’s a spell that burns the past and creates room for new things in the upcoming year. 164 more words


Blessings, Love, & Light

Blessings, Love, & Light. It’s a simple greeting. It’s one I have used for years to express my personal and spiritual wishes of well being for my fellow man. 137 more words


Rethinking Ritual Tools

Tools aren’t a necessity to practicing Witchcraft or worshiping the God and Goddess, but they have an undeniable draw to most practitioners.  They can focus personal practice and create a Witch-y atmosphere.  455 more words


Anubis Appears!

I received a gift from a friend that is a pendant of Anubis. I’ve never thought a god would come to me, let alone a god from a different pantheon. 282 more words