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My Take on Lammas

To me Lammas is the day that I remember what is involved in keeping me feed. It’s the day I reflect on the human labor involve in getting our food on the shelves of our local grocery stores. 341 more words


A Pagan View of Death and Dying

I was raised in rural Appalachia where Georgia meets Tennessee, so let’s just say that I’ve endured a goodly number of Southern Baptist funerals. I’ve heard my share of sermons on how the deceased had been redeemed by the blood of Jesus and would therefore be assured of eternal peace in heaven. 1,032 more words


Top 5 Obscure Forms Of Divination

Divination is the wanting to seek out information and knowledge by using supernatural, occult or ritualistic means. People have been using various methods of divination since as early as 1300 BCE. 417 more words

Heron in Flight...to New Hampshire!

Well, the deed is done. My first posting on The Agora page at Patheos is up.
I’m both excited and a wee bit nauseated. As we approach the Blue Moon in Leo, I hope that this new opportunity will bring good things, that ego and drama stay in their rightful alignment, and benefits flow for all involved. 347 more words


"Cut the Cord" 

Lately, as I have been working on making my life more positive and happy…. I have been drawn to Shinedowns new song – Cut the Cord. 642 more words

How To Get Ready For The Blue Moon

The sky was a midnight blue, like warm, deep, blue water, and the moon seemed to lie on it like a water lily, floating forward with an invisible current.

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