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Getting Started: Introductory Phase

I’ve been going back and forth on how and when to start this blog, so after having the day off to think about it, I’ve decided to just jump in without much of a plan. 260 more words

Sorry about that...

Some of you may need to borrow this photo… lol. We’re out of retrograde finally, so we can all resume our regularly scheduled programs.

Spirituality And Metaphysics

The New Darling: Paginism

The prevalence of the occult in our culture is undeniable, which begs the question, what exactly is attracting people to vampirism, Wicca, and pagan worship? The Greatest Generation is almost entirely gone and the mystical has quickly stepped up to fill the vacuum of a society based on relativity, humanism, and science. 1,511 more words


In the Broom Closet

Witchcraft is a funny thing.  People are amazed and scared by it at the same time.  I have several friends who by their own admission would not be caught dead associating with a witch, yet two things occur to me; one, bwahahaha – they are!  1,115 more words