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Well…I’m going to go ahead and guess a whole bunch of folks. But not me, until just today.

May Day is Walpurgisnacht. The rituals happened at the same time, with different sets of rural farming peoples, who saw the world differently. 277 more words


Bedtime yeah buts

The bedtime “yeah but”s is a now a new phenomenon in my house. It’s been a semi-regular occurrence since Witchlette was 2 1/2.

Last night I felt that I finally had an answer to all of the “yeah but”s which also stopped them. 148 more words


Eath Day musings

The web of life. All things are interconnected. All life is one.

Scientific theory and spiritual ideals say the same. The Earth is alive. Call her Gaia, Jörd, Danu, Terra, Mother Nature, or any other name…She is alive. 100 more words


Better Living Through Blasphemy: "There are ways of telling whether she is a witch!"

(I originally wasn’t late. WordPress ate this post and I had to re-write it. I shit you not.)

Those fingers through my hair. That sly, come-hither stare that strips my conscience bare. 718 more words


Best neighbors

The best neighbors are the ones who frequently go overlooked. They can’t speak, at least not in a way that we can understand. But they are quite helpful. 55 more words


The Beginning

My name is Cassie a.k.a Lady Aphrodite, I’m Pagan, I follow the Grecian and Norse Gods and Goddesses. My Matron Goddess is Aphrodite, hence the name, and my Patron God is Cronus. 174 more words