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The Witch & Their Craft


To be a Witch means to create a connection with Nature, to become one with the forces that are guiding us all. It was also a label to call someone who used herbs and chants for healing purposes. 843 more words

Wiccan Education

I'm Back

I don’t know if I’ve ever written about it before, but I am Puerto Rican and I have family members who are stuck in PR with no running water or electricity. 330 more words

Daily Tarot

Wicca Defined


Although debatable, most Wiccans practice Witchcraft and most Witches practice Wicca – however, both do not have to be done hand-in-hand. 1,343 more words

Wiccan Education

Bedtime life lessons

Mostly every night, Witchlette asks for Asguard stories before her lullaby.

Tuesday night, she asked for me to read from her Asguard Stories Book the creation of man. 301 more words


A Crystal (or Mineraloid) Guide: Shungite

Over the weekend, as I walked through the busy streets, going in and out of small store, a crescent moon necklace caught my eye. It was black, sleek, and simple. 164 more words

Crystal Healing

First Weeks Fall

September is gone and October is just begun.  In those first few weeks of fall I spent my leisure time gathering walnuts from both my back yard and the woods to get enough to make walnut baklava later.   434 more words