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Another great article shared by Elfkat.

A gentleman who grew up with “cherry-picking Catholics”…folks who choose to follow some parts of their text, but not others, decided to go through the whole text and provide some illustrations to show exactly what many seldom-referenced passages are saying. 283 more words



Leonard Nimoy passed away today. I don’t think it was terribly surprising. According to George Takei, he was admitted to the hospital with chest pains a few days ago. 95 more words


Why Are People of Faith Following Me?

Once again as I was listening to my favorite Astrologer Zoe Moon blast out the upcoming weeks planetary forecast on her weekly Thursday podcast I heard the chime that I’ve grown to love so much in the wee 3 months since I began blogging. 626 more words

The Witch and the Artist: Walkers Between Worlds

Witchcraft is a discipline that is widely varied in both beliefs and practice, but one vein that often (though not always) runs through it is the connection with otherworldly beings and energies, such as spirits, deities, faeries, and other such entities.   379 more words


Reclaiming of the Witch

Thanks to Elfkat, I came across this great article about the rise in women who refer to themselves at Witch. <raises hand>

A few of my favorite tidbits: 519 more words


Snowmageddon 3.0

If you’re keeping track, this is number 3. Last week was 1, Tuesday was 2, and last night into this morning was 3.

We lost power around 5:30 am. 145 more words


Snow Prep

In preparation of the impending shit storm…I mean snow storm…that is making its way across the South…

I will be placing a bowl outside to catch some of the flakes and hopefully make some snow cream tomorrow… 21 more words