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Self Love Facial Scrub

Merry Meet, witchlings!

Both my skin and I have been needing a little extra love lately, so I decided to craft together a self love facial scrub. 821 more words



It’s always important to protect yourself when you’re preforming spells or around draining people.  Whether they’re people from work or family, we all have that one person who seems to take all of your energy when you’re hanging out.   89 more words


Pagan Mr. T

As I am knowing Frigg more and building such a strong connection with her and working with her daily, I wanted to add a way to carry her with me. 122 more words


5 Ways to Reconnect with the Earth

5 Ways to Reconnect with the Earth this Spring

In spring, the earth is awakening once again. Seeds sprout and flowers begin to bloom. For city dwellers like me, it can feel like there’s a massive disconnect between sensing the change in the seasons. 314 more words

All About Wicca

Magickal Reviews: The Witch'in Way subscription box. [March 2017]

I recently discovered The Witch’in Way thanks to my friend Mesha-chan. It’s a witchy shop located in Halifax, Nova Scotia that also offers a monthly subscription box! 991 more words


Welcome ❤

I’m Faula. I’m a witch, a writer, an animal lover and a book collector.

I closed down my last witchy blog a year ago – and I really miss it! 69 more words


Happy Spring Equinox!

Merry meet!

We have officially entered the spring equinox, my favorite time of year. We say good riddance to whatever stagnant energy is left over from the winter solstice, and in my case the heavy winter blues i acquired, and hello to a new, fresh quarter of the year. 731 more words