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How to know if you're a natural witch.

Are you able to sense the living essence in all creatures, rocks, rivers, and natural bodies? Do you feel like there’s a fire in your heart aching to be fueled with something magickal yet totally natural? 162 more words

Sun Wheel day 4

We were on time again this week! …and I just realized I haven’t written anything in a week. I meant to. I have lots that I want to write. 93 more words


Making Merry of Yule

Coming from a very un-religious or spiritual family household, we celebrated a very secular Christmas. Our Christmas had nothing whatsoever to do with Christ, even though his name is very visible within that word. 901 more words

Witchy Semantics 

Witch – modern English, someone who performs witchcraft, is probably from the old English verb “wiccian” which means to perform a spell, possibly related to the old germanic verb “weik” which means to bend, maybe as in bending reality?? 1,104 more words

Magick: White, Black,  and Gray? 

When a person hears the word magic, they may think of Harry Potter, someone changing clothes in a matter of seconds, or catching a bullet with their bare hands. 906 more words


What is paganism? 

Over the last several hundred years, the idea of paganism has been considered a form of devil worship, and witches were labeled the servants of Satan, Lucifer, the Morning star, and every other name that was associated with the devil. 1,655 more words


Merry meet.

Witches. Pagans. Wicca. Shamans. Many names have been given to those who practice a nature based spiritual path. A path that has been given a bad reputation by higher powered religious people over the centuries. 109 more words