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10 Yule Gift Ideas

10 Yule Gift Ideas

Yule is on it’s way so I thought I would share 10 more Yule gift ideas. These are specifically tailored for gifting to others who are pagan so it may not be appropriate for people who are not pagan, but pagans are sure to love these :) 465 more words

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30 days: a woman's work 

Mundane, to a Witch, is Magickal. Part of what makes Magick so great is to take time, effort, joy, and pride, in doing what must be done anyway but doing it in a way that makes it special. 254 more words


Warming Up for the Yule Season

I was inspired last month by an epic trip to Iceland to make this Yule season spectacular.

The essence of winter rules the Land of Fire and Ice. 44 more words


Yule calendar 2.0

From this

To this

Within each box is a slip of paper explaining the significance of each day and an activity to go along with the significance. 706 more words



Spirituality is a big part of 12-step programs.  Well, I grew up Catholic, and have decided to never practice it again.

While I am not doing a 12-step program, I have felt like that aspect of my life was lacking.   88 more words

Good Days

30 days: Evolution

​When attempting to find information about changed worship, I came across two main veins of information: Do modern Heathens even acknowledge Frigg? or Hey, there’s a new temple coming in Iceland that is devoted to Thor, Odin, and Frigg! 273 more words