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How do I get Initiated into a Wiccan Group?

“How do I get into a coven?” one of my students asked.

“It really depends on the coven,” I replied.

“What about getting initiated?” he asked. 524 more words

Moonwater Silverclaw

31 Days of Witchcraft - Days 8 & 9

Would/Do You Read For Others? Why or Why Not?

Do You Believe In Anything Supernatural/Paranormal?

Here’s days 8 & 9 of the blog challenge. As always if you want to answer these questions, please feel free. 57 more words


Planes of Reality

I once read about a theory of realities in quantum physics.  The theory is that there are eleven (or more) planes of reality and we can move from one plane to another based on what we think, say and do.   120 more words


Friday Music: MedicineChant

Anilah’s MedicineChant is a fantastic accompaniment to shamanic work.


31 Days of Witchcraft - Days 5,6,7

Here’s my videos for the last three days. I completely forgot to upload them here!!! But iff you follow me on Twitter or Pinterest you may have seen them already. 36 more words


When Nothing is There, Just Be

When I started this blog, I felt I had so much to say. Today, there is nothing.  Like having a vivid dream only to wake up and not be able to recall it.   112 more words