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Roses born of earth and seed, a sight to gladden any bitter heart. In all my life this truth have I learned, never should the love of a simple rose be spurned. 99 more words


Day 5-6/366

Day Five

Meditation was what was on the agenda for today and I loved it. I’ve dabbled with meditation in the past, so it all came quite naturally to me. 542 more words


Continued growth

The basil is sprouting quite nicely. Lavender hasn’t started yet but I’m hoping they’ll be in in a week or so.

Witchlette is very proud of herself that she has made something.


Unintended Lessons (or, HOCUS FOCUS!)

I have started the next path in my “Year and a Day”, and I am currently composing my thoughts in more detail on my first or so with… 814 more words


I can be Aphrodite 

I’m as finicky as the Ocean

I can heal you, calm you

Raise you up

Or break you and smash you with my unyielding power… 476 more words


Day 3-4/366

Day Three

Today I got to perform my first ritual! Unfortunately I couldn’t find a candle that fit the size requirements listed in the book, so I used a white candle I already owned, even though it is too big. 808 more words



What???!!! Huh???!!! That’s not a word Heather.  You’re making stuff up.  LOL. Nope.  Esbats, the ritual used to celebrate the Full and New Moons each month. 366 more words