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Why are good things not happening? 

If I had a penny for everytime I have said this or my husband has said this well then I may have 100.00. Haha.

Yesterday I was surfing the good old facebook when I saw this picture. 520 more words


Daily Spiritualism

So awhile ago I had a blog that I posted daily spiritual things to do with themes and bla bla bla…. I felt like I was telling people who or what they should do… Which isn’t what I want to do. 114 more words


Who are you?

I have been finding myself asking this question… Who am I? That’s why I started this blog. Its not to tell someone who they are and aren’t , or what they should or should not do. 340 more words


Daily Spirituality 

I have often either seen on pagan face book groups or have been asked, how do you have a daily spirituality? 

First thing I say is… Have you ever read “The Circle Within by: Dianne Sylvan” ? 476 more words


Maiden, Mother, and Crone... which one are you? Mother perspective!

When I first began into my calling as a witch technically I was already a mother. I had two beautiful girls, but was caught in this in between of a maiden and mother. 305 more words


Sullen Falls book reviews

By Blake Crockett on July 26, 2016

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Sullen Falls is a cracking read once you get a few chapters in.
The characters have a very real feel about them and each is quirky in their own right. 1,083 more words

Astral Projection


The sun sets behind the mountains that surround our little town, the sky is alive with colors of warm gold, pink and peach. A single star glistens on the horizon and the moonrise slowly begins its journey. 113 more words

Poetic Thoughts