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Pentagram Sterling Silver Ring

Isn’t this a great piece of vintage jewelry?


You’ve been let down so many times before
but you hold onto hope, you believe in more
spirit guides, by your side, you are loved by the wise… 11 more words


Faeries of our World

Familiar with the saying “In Plain Sight”…when something is so obviously clear that it can sometimes be overlooked, or that something is “Right under your nose”. 210 more words


Kindness Matters

I’m not much for organized religion. It all seems too forced for me.

I’ve spent a good portion of my life exploring different religions. I attended Church with my family for a brief period of time when I was little. 635 more words

Just an Update

So I haven’t forgotten the blog I promise! But for now all posts are on hold..and I was already behind *groan*. But Sadly because I have Lupus even the common cold or flu can make me ten times worse. 145 more words


Methods of Grounding and Connecting to the Earth’s Frequencies

The term grounding means connected to the Earth, and it is one that spans numerous different cultures, traditions, and spiritual practices. While it is associated with feelings of balance, connection, centeredness, sinking, being anchored and in the flow, I would like to explore the greater implications of what is happening every time you go outside and relax into nature. 1,224 more words


Coming out of the broom closet

Okay, so this is my first blog ever and I wanted to touch base on a question that I have been asked in a dream I have had the past few nights. 145 more words