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Pagan Pride & A Rebirth of Faith

Saturday was Delmarva Pagan Pride at The Green in Dover, DE. This was my first experience with any kind of pagan gathering, so I would have to say I was nervous. 322 more words


Leaving The Nest

Hey guys 👽

As my senior year comes to an end the first year of basic “adulthood” nears. Leaving the safety of my little hometown is most certainly going to be scary, but it leads to a long line of future adventures. 89 more words


Huh. Well, apparently the Heathen parts of the internet blew up again recently.

It’s par for the course, as the saying goes.

Here’s why I don’t give an airborne coitus: 361 more words

Prayers are worthless sometimes

After a tragedy, folks are quick to offer their prayers. And, unfortunately, many offer little more than that.

See someone on the side of the street who is without food and shelter? 235 more words


Autumnal Equinox Sabbat

The theme of this Sabbat can be summed up with the following universal law: “The Law of Compensation.”

During the Candlemas Sabbat, we had sown our wishes into soil for all sorts of things.  683 more words

Witchcraft 101: Thrifty and crafty

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that no one reading this is a millionaire. (If you are, why aren’t you sharing?) 1,116 more words


Tools of the craft.

➤ Altar cloths come in all shapes and sizes to fit your altar. You can make them as magickal as you like. They are both bought and made in different colors to represent the Sabbats or to decorate the altar. 1,316 more words