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Social science

On a number of occasions I’ve seen suggestions that those who want to communicate the seriousness of climate change, should aim to understand the social sciences and should listen more to social scientists. 267 more words

Climate Change

Intractable and Wicked Problems are coming for you and there is no escape

Intractable and Wicked Problems are coming for you and there is no escape. Look around us and see what the “heuristics” tell us.

  1. Computation Irreducibility – Mathematical & Computing unable to provided explicit solutions to complex phenomena (NOT WHAT AI/ML/Deep Learning is doing!!!)
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"Utopia": The Wicked Problem

Utopia. A perfect society. An envisioned heaven on earth.

Wrong. According to Ahmed Khaled Towfik’s version of Utopia set in futuristic Egypt, Utopia is a world in our inevitable future where the rich have created a fortress of luxury, leaving the Others– or the poor– to either die of starvation or kill each other off. 772 more words

The furnace of love

I’ve been wanting to make the world a better place since I was 11 or something, but as I’ve grown into my life and its destined experiences I’ve come to learn that I don’t know what will make the world a better place. 362 more words


Designerly Quote of the Day #20180823

“A fundamental assertion established for wicked problems is that any attempt to think them through completely before acting is doomed to fail. They cannot be solved, since their fundamental tradeoffs prevent any solution from addressing them as a whole.

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Design Diary

Sustaining Innovation Through Leadership Changes

The New Media Consortium (NMC) defines a wicked problem as one that is “complex to define, much less address.” For our Wicked Problem, my partner… 428 more words


Wrapping Up The Wicked Problem Project

The wicked problem project has come to an end! What an amazing experience it has been!  My group and I studied the wicked problem: How Can We Sustain Innovation During Leadership Changes In Education? 265 more words

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