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Paper Review | Definitions of Design and Wicked Problems

The paper revolves around there being no single definition of design or professional branches , adequately covering the diversity of ideas and methods gathered together under the label. 461 more words

What Can We Do To Solve This Wicked Problem?

Every problem has a solution. Do you believe that? What about a wicked problem? You know, those problems that are so complex, have a multitude of variables and ultimately are hard to solve. 891 more words

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Wicked Problem Initial Information

Several weeks ago I pondered a very difficult, even “wicked” problem. This problem is surrounding the practice of social promotion and retention in K-12 schools. I have to admit that I began my research with my own preconceived notions. 696 more words

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Wicked Problem Survey

After creating so many questions during last week’s quickfire, one question immediately stood out to me. Personally, it is a question that I think about in my own school. 276 more words

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Sorting Out My Questions...Sketchnote Style

This week was my first time making a sketch-note style video. I had seen creations by other MAET faculty, but I had not tried one until now! 230 more words

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Social science

On a number of occasions I’ve seen suggestions that those who want to communicate the seriousness of climate change, should aim to understand the social sciences and should listen more to social scientists. 267 more words

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Intractable and Wicked Problems are coming for you and there is no escape

Intractable and Wicked Problems are coming for you and there is no escape. Look around us and see what the “heuristics” tell us.

  1. Computation Irreducibility – Mathematical & Computing unable to provided explicit solutions to complex phenomena (NOT WHAT AI/ML/Deep Learning is doing!!!)
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