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Lime Crime Velveteen Lipstick in Wicked - Review

So there’s this Facebook group I happen to be in that seems to have its own trends amongst the members. They quite often post pictures of themselves with various shoes/makeup/whatever is currently popular(it’s usually rainbow/unicorn related). 1,096 more words


Lost in Music

I planned on listening to music while writing.  That led to me perusing/purging my “Heart” playlist.  That led me to YouTube.  And that led me to this song.   28 more words


Something Wicked This Way Comes

I finished “Wicked” a couple days ago and here are my thoughts.

1. I want to see the play again.
I saw the play when I was a junior in high school and absolutely loved it. 237 more words


7-3-2015 Sin is Sin

No one asked Jesus, “Whose sin is greatest?” But we know the answer: someone else’s! Jesus said, “What comes out of a man, that defiles a man. 131 more words


A Teacher Tribute

I imagine that everyone in this room can think of a teacher they encountered at some point in their lives who has had a deep and lasting influence on them. 1,408 more words

Musical Mondays: Top 10 Shows, Part I

I just realised something very odd the other day: I’m doing a theatre blog and yet have never told you guys what my favourite plays or musicals are! 1,343 more words