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The Water-Less Way of Growing a Garden

By Sandra Tuszynska

Most of us find it too time consuming to have a garden. We are used to seeing gardening as something laborious, and which takes time to water and weed. 817 more words

Scarlet Runners have done a runner.

Remember this? The scarlet runner beans which didn’t ‘bean’?

This is what the bed looks like now, after 5 hours work with a pair of secateurs. 129 more words


Perth Urban Farming Project is off and running!

About 4 weeks ago, specifically the 24th of December 2014, I decided to bite the bullet and commit to a project that I had been stewing over for a little over a year. 302 more words


Summer Garden

I have sadly neglected the garden over the past  few months – Joel’s been awesome, me not so much. But the best thing is our garden for the most part seems to be thriving on benign neglect. 89 more words


I need some clothespegs for my netting.

I think my netting skillz need some work. Still, I find that one of my main faults as a gardener is not knowing when to harvest things, so sometimes I leave them too long. 258 more words


Skinflint Sunday: Beans and reviving the Independence Days Challenge.

I read this post from a blog I’ve been reading for years. I’m feeling pretty envious; I love beans too and by the sounds of things she’s knee deep in the things. 729 more words


Baby step.

Here’s the first step to my new front garden!
When Karen from Edible Eden first came to my place to have a look at my garden, with a view to designing a bit of a neat tidy suburban food forest thing for the front yard, she recommended putting some plastic down to start killing off the lawn. 354 more words