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Skinflint Sunday: The bachelor pad.

I thought I’d start off with this shot today. Seems appropriate. Deana gave me this wall hanging (for want of a better word) when I stayed at her place last year when I was in England. 608 more words


Wicking Beds

As I’m away 3 days a week, looking after a veggie patch could be a problem. How was I going to keep the patch watered during hot, dry spells while I’m in Brisbane? 489 more words

Mid-winter nearly

and fairly bleak – today anyway. Bucketing down. AND we have actually had some COLD! Yes, for several short periods over several days – mainly in the early mornings and early evenings. 426 more words

How to build Wicking Garden Beds - Part 2

In my previous post, we constructed the base of some self watering wicking garden beds (you can read all about it here). We made our wicking beds out of old railway sleepers, recycled corrugated iron and other timber we had lying around. 807 more words

Permaculture Garden

Building the vegie patch

Buying certified organic produce is expensive. I have heard that many farmers just can’t justify the cost of certification yet still offer organic produce… you just have to head to a farmers market and talk with the farmer. 614 more words

In The Garden

Things I don't know

Sometime in the last several years, someone decided I was a fount of knowledge.

I’m not entirely sure how this happened, as I am usually pretty upfront about my lack of credentials (if the ‘umm’s don’t give me away first). 722 more words


Wicking bed projects 2016 Part 1

Well this week I am starting on the garden structure projects, in particular the wicking beds.  I am experimenting with two different designs. This first design was inspired by Jessie Lemieux. 349 more words