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Planned Aquaponics Changed to Wicking Beds

Hi all

After a trip away for only three weeks last winter, having arranged for someone else to feed and water the chooks and coming home to the chooks under severe stress and taking over a month for them to recover and start laying eggs, I realised that I could not rely on anyone here to look after them, never mind a higher maintenance system, such as aquaponics. 804 more words


And so it goes...

Hi All,

Another Sunday came and went and I didn’t do a blog post but this time it was deliberate as I wanted to film a short video of our property to show you and we were too busy yesterday because we were in the garden rehousing Steve’s disabled chicken “Limpy”. 3,131 more words

The one where Narf7 gets the flu

Hi All,

What do you do when you have a cold, you feel generally weak and lethargic and you sound like Bea Arthur from the Golden Girls? 1,382 more words

Skinflint Sunday: Stay in for fun fun fun!

This greeted me when I left work on Wednesday. Surprisingly, no note had been left. It’s going to cost me 1K to get it fixed, so suddenly getting to work by public transport has become the cheapest option. 425 more words


Ready for Winter

Well…much more ready than in past years.

Summer’s truly over now, here in the south of Oz. The joy of fighting through a jungle of cool, green growth will be replaced with trying to avoid the same growth, turned icy and wet. 253 more words


4 magic squares

The demise of the big wicking bed has left me with enough material to make 4 square beds of about 1m a side.

I’m interested in getting a perpetual rotation going using the four beds. 150 more words


Joys of wicking

So….Jelina wanted a raised bed for kitchen veggies, and Marlon agreed to cook with more, so it seemed a great time to make a really big wicking bed. 249 more words