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Let’s Try This Again ... Going, Going ...

It seems my ‘chitis likes it here on Widder Island. I’m on my third week of antibiotics and I feel crappy, and if La La Land wins Best Picture, I’ll feel even worse. 89 more words


The Snows of Widder Island

It snowed for five days …

Our front yard looked like this …

… and this …

Neighbours pitched in to clear driveways, and cars, and a way out to the main road … 82 more words


Snow on the Ground. Going ... Going ...

We’ve had snow on the ground since early December. It looked something like this …

But then along came our usual rainy weather and it all started to melt … 80 more words


We learn a great deal more about the giant magician Sinibaldus in the second book of THE CRYSTAL CRUX series, Blue Grotto.

Sinibaldus is a showman.   64 more words

The Crystal Crux

Bon Voyage Mary Tyler Moore

Many words will be written, but the thing I remember most is her comedic timing. She was brilliant.



I light a candle as I prepare to start cooking

Form my intention deep in my mind

Visualize what I want to accomplish

Feel what I want to invoke… 196 more words