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Transcendence: WTF!!!

But first …

Cute Coco the Visiting Cat …

… and a P. S. to the Mrs Widds breaks her foot post:

Moral of the story #3: Inform immediate family of accident BEFORE publishing a blog post about it. 780 more words


Whimword - Widdershins

***marked for deletion – do not publish under order of the President of the British Arachnological Survey***

Neriene cottingleyii

The “faerie-hammock spider,” as it is rather tiresomely known by amateurs and other meddlers, is an unusually large member of the Linyphiidae, sometimes reaching 18 to 20 millimetres in length. 428 more words


Break a Leg

Among her many accomplishments, Mrs. Widds is an actor. Unfortunately that ‘well-wishing’ phrase had another meaning the other day. She fell and landed on her bum, forearm, and foot, not necessarily in that order. 381 more words


New Toy

Early Christmas present, from us, to us.


These, and many more, have been travelling with us, separately and together, for more than forty years. And there are some we have absolutely no idea from whence they came. 52 more words


A Name, By Any Other Face

I wasn’t planning to watch NBC’s latest offering, Blindspot. My dance card was already nigh to overflowing, and besides, I’d read that the lead actor’s emotional range went from ‘serious scowl’ to ‘my forehead has more furrows than the… 171 more words


Leonid Meteor Shower tonight ... and it’s raining, again

My almost-completely favourite-est science blog io9,  reminded me that tonight showcases the once a year visual treat that is the Leonid Meteor shower. 58 more words


New Star Wars Trai ... Noooo! Fingers in ears, eyes closed ... “La la la la.”

Seems like everybody and their derg is featuring an ‘exclusive’ clip of the new Star Wars movie.

After my official fan-dyke squeee, way back when the very first trailer was released I decided to not look at any more ‘reveals’ in order to wallow … erm … enjoy the fully immersive experience I’m sure the movie’s going to be. 150 more words