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Kaboom! Smash! Crash! End Of Life As We Know It!

Life on Widder Island has turned itself upside down. What was before, is now a cosmic cinder descending into ash!

(Video found on the wonderful ‘ 367 more words


The Song of Seven by Walter de la Mare

Far away, and long ago–
May sweet Memory be forgiven!
Came a Wizard in the evening,
And he sang the Song of Seven.
Yes, he plucked his jangling harp-strings… 127 more words


Some Swearing Ahead

Am I a bad person because I can’t stop laughing and watching this and figured out how to embed it into a post? …


Movies and a Book

Because I spent most of Summer either planning or going on our trip (the photo extravaganza is over there in the ‘2015 Road Trip’ – Topics… 709 more words



It’s my Birth Day today.

Mrs Widds made me an angel food cake. She makes the best Birth Day cakes evah!

We hung out and had pizza for dinner. 17 more words



I originally planned to do a ‘final thoughts on our adventure’ post but this one  is much more fun


… We’ve been home a month. 549 more words


One More For The Road

I remember it backwards.


Mrs Widds and I give our statements to the cop. I’m shaking but can think coherently. Mrs Widds is in ‘crisis management’ mode, feet firmly on the ground. 573 more words