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2140, KSR, and Time Travel

There are any number of films and books about humans colonising Mars, but the best of them, in me ‘umble opinion, is Kim Stanley Robinson’s… 307 more words


Eine kleine Nacht-Wandering

I was never afraid to go for a walk at night when I was a kid. Sometimes I’d take an old kerosene lantern, but if the moon was up, and it wasn’t too late, off I’d go into the darkness to have adventures. 397 more words



Are you looking for a kiss? 

He laughing, spins me widdershins:

For more than a quarter of a century

we come together and split apart… 130 more words


Horn (& plenty of it...)

Early to bed after liver
& bacon extravaganza
Twenty four hour surveillance
Dawn brings no great surprises
Just more baleful cornucopia
Widdershins becomes today‘s
Buzzword by default… 13 more words


Bon Voyage, Erin Moran

I think Tom Bosley will be out there somewhere, waiting to give her a hug.


Heroes and Villains

In most superhero movies once the hero has moved beyond the second, or sometimes third film in the franchise, he, (it’s almost invariably a ‘he’ 282 more words