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It’s my Birth Day today.

Mrs Widds made me an angel food cake. She makes the best Birth Day cakes evah!

We hung out and had pizza for dinner. 17 more words



I originally planned to do a ‘final thoughts on our adventure’ post but this one  is much more fun


… We’ve been home a month. 549 more words


One More For The Road

I remember it backwards.


Mrs Widds and I give our statements to the cop. I’m shaking but can think coherently. Mrs Widds is in ‘crisis management’ mode, feet firmly on the ground. 573 more words


Close Encounters of the Cretaceous Kind

Prairie roads are straight. Some of them disappear over the horizon without a turn. Some of them veer ever so slightly to the left or right then resume their arrow-like focus. 1,566 more words


A cliché, I know, but Westward Ho

Getting from Michfest to Sault Ste Marie wasn’t as easy as you might think. The backroads in the boonies of Michigan were not to be trifled with, nor was getting back into driving and towing the trailer mode. 1,208 more words


Why We Are Out Here

(The weather turned and my arthriticals turned with it, but I’m back now)


It’s flashback time. What author worth her salt would tell a story like this without flashbacks? 1,351 more words


Over and Under the Falls

The thing to do with giant tourist places like Niagara Falls is to plan ahead. We paid for our accommodation in advance, pre-booked a wine tour of the Niagara-on-the-Lake wineries, and got a wonderful two-day package of… 1,041 more words