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The Sumer Tree – 2018 Edition

As I contemplate writing this post, the sky is overcast, and the temperature is back down in the low-to-mid-teens after the giddy heights of the last few days. 255 more words


Lucas, The (Adorable) Spider

He’s back, and ready for naps. I can relate. Our Summer heatwave is currently topping out at 35°C, (95°F) and all I want to do is keel over and not move until November. 9 more words


There Are Days

There are days when this is my lifeline, to sanity, to my community, to an experience of my life that doesn’t include pain and aching bones. 61 more words


Prelude XV - Widdershins Worlds

Reblogged from Widdershins Worlds:

Something was afoot. A stirring in the places between the Worlds, the ‘gaps’ between the marbles in my ‘bag of marbles’ analogy. 173 more words


One (there are many) Of My Favourite Things ... Two, If You Read The P.S.’s

It took me a long while to get into on-line comics, not being into them as a child (and the general unavailability of any such reading matter where I grew up… 315 more words


What do you create?

The other evening I watched a video interview where this over-stuffed, over-privileged bloke tried to justify his gazillion dollar salary. He was part of the ‘executive branch’ of a gazillion dollar company that was stuffed to the gills with others of his ilk. 607 more words