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2018 Summer Holiday – Part 3: Cancelled

The temperatures dropped and a little bit of rain fell. Mist-waith, or dragons-breath, as it’s known in the West of Ireland, (and probably other lands where dragons are known to frequent… 297 more words


2018 Summer Holiday – Part 2: Sulfur & Stale Smoke

We’ve postponed our holiday for a few weeks and are in wait-and-see mode. Our trailer gives us a flexibility that we wouldn’t have if we were still tent-camping. 229 more words


Bon Voyage, Aretha Franklin

There are going to be words all over the interwebz, but her music … ahh, her music … speaks for itself …

Aretha and Annie Lennox


2018 Summer Holiday – Part 1

I’ve been pretty much non-functional throughout this past heatwave here on Widder Island. I managed to get a few things around the huse finished but anything requiring the stringing together of words with two or more syllables? 499 more words


The Missing Symbol

Scrivener has had me all hot and bothered all afternoon, which, given that it’s currently 34°C (93°F) in the shade today, is a very dangerous thing for all beings within a hundred meter radius of my Self. 191 more words


Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend

‘Prelude’ is complete, and well on its way to its next incarnation.

I’ve already taken the individual episodes out of the ‘topics’ section over there on the right but I’m going to leave it up on its page ‘Prelude’ up there in the Header for a couple more days and then sometime on … hmm … Thursday ( 307 more words


Smashwords Is Having A Sale

I’m coming to the end (hopefully) of a very nasty joust with some migraine clusters. I’m currently 7-6 in the lead. My last ‘Prelude’ episode is a tad shy of being completed, so I expect to get it up here poste haste. 34 more words