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Why We Are Out Here

(The weather turned and my arthriticals turned with it, but I’m back now)


It’s flashback time. What author worth her salt would tell a story like this without flashbacks? 1,351 more words


Over and Under the Falls

The thing to do with giant tourist places like Niagara Falls is to plan ahead. We paid for our accommodation in advance, pre-booked a wine tour of the Niagara-on-the-Lake wineries, and got a wonderful two-day package of… 1,041 more words


On the Road to Niagara Falls

A strange thing happened as we neared the border between Manitoba and Ontario, the rolling canola fields ended and the Land of Many Lakes began. I don’t suppose Canada’s Drawers-of-Lines-that-Mark-Provincial-Borders did that on purpose, but even if they did, it was a nice surprise to drive right by lumps of earth and rock higher than a few meters. 793 more words


Winnipeg, Oh Winnipeg

Before I start, are there any Winnipegites (Winnipegians?) in the audience?

Well, the lighting isn’t that good in here, so I’m just going to go with it. 426 more words


Road Trip: A Few Stats and Our First Adventure

We’re baaaaack!


31 days

5 provinces. 1 state

10,000 kilometers

17 campsites

Mosquito bites: Me – 1,964,281 … Mrs Widds – 2

Roadworks – The entire length of Hyw 17 from the BC/Alberta border to the Manitoba/Ontario one. 381 more words


Still ...

Still … working on trip logistics.


Still … over 30° in the shade.


Still … waiting to pick up our trailer – we’re having a few renovations done. 89 more words


Road Trip

On my Mad Max Furiosa Road post I hinted at big things about to manifest here on Widder Island.

Mrs Widds and I are off on another adventure. 199 more words