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Birds and Bums

These days the sun sets at around 5pm here on Widder Island, and after an intense day of writing, on novels and blog posts and assorted commentings around the interwebz, my brain was in sore need of fresh air. 530 more words



2018 decided to show me who’s boss  … first we had another ice storm, thankfully not as severe as the last one, the power only went out for a couple of hours and no more branches were lost from the Winter Tree, or trees in our neighbourhood. 2,452 more words



This is a picture of someone taking a picture of a picture of an embryo.

When this little peanut hatches in the not-too-distant future she will be our GREAT-grand-daughter. 31 more words


The Winter Tree

It’s been a long 6 months since I took this picture of our Tree.

The heat, and the smoke, and my ‘chitis, lingered long into Autumn. 437 more words


Patreon Screws The Pooch ... (and Some Alternatives)

… and  it ain’t pretty.

This is from The Verge

This Gizmodo’s take on it.

Do an interwebz search on ‘Patreon’ and you’ll see what I mean. 102 more words


The Gas Lift Chronicles – Part 2

Part 1 … HERE

Due to a strange and inexplicable inability to work at my desk sitting in a chair that engaged in way to much familiarity with the warp and weft of my study carpet, I ordered a gas lift from Amazon.ca. 129 more words