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Elizabethan Millinery

For my second year millinery project, I recreated four Elizabethan styled hats. There was specific requirements for the project such as;


Wide Brimmed Hats & Denim

While I’m super excited fall is near,  I’m keeping summer alive with these cut-off denim shorts and incredibly light weight shirt. 197 more words


The Bare Necessities of Spring Gardening

Ok, way too much time is going by in between blog posts– and I apologize for that. There is so much going on in life these days that I squeeze in a post as soon as I get some time. 644 more words

The Best Winter Travel Outfit

Traveling is already stressful, but traveling during the winter months can be downright painful. While I would love to show up to the airport in the early mornings in my favorite fuzzy sweatpants, slippers and oversized t-shirt, it’s not the most stylish outfit. 320 more words