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Have you seen a princess?

“were there princesses in here earlier?” I’ve mentioned that I work in retail. I’ve mentioned that kids say strange things to me at work. This doesn’t take the cake, but it was nonetheless excellent. 152 more words

New Jersey

Ah, Youth

The University of Granada has 80,000 students, and the city of Granada has a population of about 240,000 people. This means that even when I’m not on campus, the people around me at any given moment are disproportionately young, fun, and beautiful. 1,037 more words

Normal Day ft. Fotos

(Before I begin the slideshow, here’s some optional but highly relevant background music you might not have listened to since 2009.)

Here’s the view out my kitchen window: 602 more words


Thursday, February 5, 2014.

I can see the Alhambra from my house.

Well, kind of. I can see the fábrica de Alhambra- the brewery that produces Alhambra beer, local pride in a green bottle. 1,213 more words


Monday, January 26th, 6:19pm Central

Dear family and friends, I’ve made it into the sky above Texas. I left the house twelve hours ago with my mom and now I’m seated in row 33 of a seven-seat-wide plane nine hours from Madrid. 722 more words

Wide-Eyed Wanderer: Kyoto

For the first time since I went digital, I have no zoom lenses – and it’s one of the most liberating travel experiences I’ve ever had. 443 more words