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Adding Widgets to you sidebar in Wordpress

Widgets are tools that you can add, rearrange or remove from the side bar or you blog. You can access you widgets by entering my sites on the top left hand corner of the screen then go to customize where you can simply configure and add widgets. 253 more words


Calendar Widget Updates

You can now include and exclude specific Timer races in addition to races in our Race Calendar Widget. This makes it easier for a timer to have a calendar of all the races they time. 16 more words

Using a remind widget

Do you have a remind 101 account?

If so you can add a widget to your website!

Here is how:

  1. Log in
  2. Go to MY ACCOUNT…
  3. 37 more words

How to make Goodreads giveaway widget work on Wordpress.com

Have you tried and failed to include Goodreads Giveaway widget on your WordPress.com site? Have you tried reading forums, only to find that the reason for it is that Goodreads uses Java or whatever else WordPress.com doesn’t allow? 483 more words


Mouse Hover (Over) Events for Qt Widgets

Qt does not have mouse hover, or mouse over (as some people call it) events in its widgets by default but it provides the means to do it quite easily if you just know how to inherit a class and add some protected functions to it. 180 more words


Adobe.com Machine Translation widget launched

Two weeks back on 18th Dec 2015, Adobe.com launched a pilot project for allowing machine translation of English content to Korean language. You can check the new feature on… 238 more words

Referral Rewards - Using your own URL

We have added the capability to direct Referrals to your own URL.

To get the referral codes to work, you will need to check for a GET parameter of “raceRefCode” in your site’s URL.   19 more words