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Deal 647: Swampy

I’ve always been afraid of the deep swamp. But I can’t afford that fear today. Today I have to have faith in my modern devices, and remain confident that anywhere we can walk in, we will be able to walk back out again. 105 more words

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Harry Styles in a Movie?!

Harry Styles has been keeping his life pretty low-key after One Direction’s break from performing. But now recent pics have surfaced of Harry sporting his new cropped look and prepare yourself, because you might explode from this hotness. 178 more words


Deal 647 Preview

Wye Delta:
Wye: Terror, balm, Support
Delta: Widget, Voodoo, bat

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Archives in widgets

Archives in widgets is pointless per Laura @meetup.

Visitors don’t search by date. This widget just takes up page space


Deal 645: Musings of an (evil) Stepmother

I have reached my decision. She must die, and poison clearly is the best way.

For this to work, my fingerprints cannot be visible. After all, no matter how popular I am, at some point even I will exceed the tolerance of my people. 201 more words

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What is Beyoncé Day?

Beyoncé has been absolutely slaying her Formation tour. She has also been casually breaking the Internet with her recent release of her visual album Lemonade thus making the bee and lemon everyone’s most used emoji. 177 more words


Deal 645 Preview

Wye Delta:
Wye: Reconciliation, Poison, silence
Delta: elevator, Humility, Widget

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