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New Blog Series

Can you do a series on a blog? I love little packaged-and-contained bits of information. Sermon series are always my . Maybe it’s the graphic designer in me – branding makes me feel safe at night. 152 more words

"Action" - Small word, BIG meaning.

I was asked at the birth of this new year to pick ONE WORD to define what I wanted from 2015. Usually I am not much for adorning a new year with some sort of mystical power of change, but I found myself revisiting this question. 935 more words


Sacred Space

on the road to my sacred space stands a large orange sign

tipped and standing on his side like a ballerina in arabesque

it reads BEAR in large, black, bold letters… 29 more words


The Power of Story

I believe within every person there lies an incredible story. A thrilling tale – winding, unpredictable and wild, pulsing through their veins, just like the red blood that proves them living and viable. 936 more words


Let Us Wrap

Take everything in.  Wait.  Beg.  Wrap tight.  Let us close our eyes.  Squint until there’s nothing.  Wrap our eyelids around.  Let us lose sight.  Find nothing…until all there is to lose is nothing.   24 more words


Wise Words - Page One.

“If you’re lucky, if you’re the luckiest person on this entire planet, the person you love decides to love you back.”


Love. Luck