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Vulnerability. It's Powerful

I have been watching reading and LOVING Brene Brown since discovering her a few years ago. She has a natural ability to come across as completely normal – which makes her so relatable and easy to listen to.  132 more words


Heart Conservation ...

From the mouth of babes …

“If you’re not nice to people,

you’re wasting your heart”

(D. age 6)

Anecdotes Of Life

Decluttering : Wisdom

Have nothing in your house that you don’t believe is useful or beautiful“, they say. I started my simplify journey with that advice in mind. 1,543 more words


Friday Wisdom - Being Seen

In the last years of his life, I would take father to church with me.  By then he was having trouble seeing, walking was difficult and a number of strokes had damaged his speech.  59 more words


Poem 20160214

i want to be a cartographer
when i grow up
although only a grown up ought to say
that he wants to chart every curve… 79 more words


You've Got A Friend

Why is it that it often times takes tragedy to open our eyes and open our hearts?

Throughout this ongoing process of waking up emotionally and spiritually, I’ve had several epiphanies, most of which have brought joy and hope to my life and broadened my perspective on this journey I’m on. 812 more words

Five pitfalls to avoid when looking for happiness. | Janet Perez Eckles

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

Janet Perez Eckles

“I know the guy is not the right one for her,” my friend said some years back. 289 more words

Janet Perez Eckles-Walking By Faith, Not By Sight-Saturday