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The Present

I was reading C.S. Lewis’ book The Screwtape Letters and came across this phrase: “For the present is the point at which time touches eternity.” In other words, the only point in time that really matters is now. 41 more words


Perfect Harmony

In my son’s school chorus, there is an autistic girl. She’s pretty good with the words and the rhythm, but her pitch is way off. She sings with all her heart, so she really stands out. 49 more words


I Had a Bad Day

Over a decade ago, I was riding the train into work. It was raining. The train was delayed. I was having a bad day. Then the train slowly rolled past a train crossing. 25 more words


Vulnerability. It's Powerful

I have been watching reading and LOVING Brene Brown since discovering her a few years ago. She has a natural ability to come across as completely normal – which makes her so relatable and easy to listen to.  132 more words


Heart Conservation ...

From the mouth of babes …

“If you’re not nice to people,

you’re wasting your heart”

(D. age 6)

Anecdotes Of Life

Decluttering : Wisdom

Have nothing in your house that you don’t believe is useful or beautiful“, they say. I started my simplify journey with that advice in mind. 1,543 more words


Friday Wisdom - Being Seen

In the last years of his life, I would take father to church with me.  By then he was having trouble seeing, walking was difficult and a number of strokes had damaged his speech.  59 more words