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The Flashlight of Wisdom

I’m the anomaly in the class.
That older student,
Who has been down the path before,
And is back for another go.
Twenty years have passed since I used to be them. 136 more words


I don’t sleep much. So I scroll, peeking into lives, reviewing all the highlight reels and anecdotes, the cats and babies, the news and conspiracy theories. 641 more words


ADULT CONTEMPORARY: I No Longer Wear Under-Eye Concealer

The eyes, no matter how lovely, are the one feature that will always give away your age. In the darkness of night, your 20-year-old Lyft driver might, at first glance, assume you are as young as he and needing an introduction to such fringe bands as Green Day and Maroon 5 (*TRUE STORY*), but in the light of day … if you’ve… 326 more words

How Old Is Too Old

Wisdom From Cookie Monster

Every now and then I like to do a funny post with memes. Why? Because I think they’re neat-o ;) I also (as you probably know by now) have an obsession with the Muppets. 143 more words


She heard and saw all while in a coma – Anita Moorjani

In a coma with lymphoma she discovered what caused it, that we are all connected, and that Love heals all

Big Lies:

Fear keeps you safe… 45 more words


Quote of the Day

Wisdom is… the hushed watching of experience till it takes on the form it will wear, the wings it will fly with.
-Ruth Benedict