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“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

― Søren Kierkegaard


Inspiration Is A Talent

Inspiration is a talent.

The ability to spark hope in souls that need to burn is a gift. We see people take their last breath and somehow we continue to find the air to exhale and move forward. 124 more words


Quote Of The Day: 07/19/2015

Every now and again take a good look at something not made with hands – a mountain, a star, the turn of a stream. There will come to you wisdom and patience and solace and, above all, the assurance that you are not alone in the world.

– Sidney Lovett


Day 11: What If

Day 11 of the challenge asks me to write about a ‘What If” situation. I try never to think about a what if situation because if you spend all your time thinking about what you would have done differently, then you would never enjoy what is happening in your life at the moment. 143 more words


9 Days Later

So today is a fun day for writing for me. And in the sprit of never following directions, cause I don’t believe in that, I am going to change today’s instructions. 241 more words


The Parable of the Wall

By Lauren Gillespie

There was a wall of wood and stone

that all could touch but none could own.

It rose up like a fortress made… 405 more words