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Slap Me With The Truth...

And don’t even waste Your Time Kissing Me with Lies…

I have a low threshold for Bullshit and let alone Lies. Sunday Morning I stood there while I was serenaded in Beautiful Lies… 489 more words


Abortion Destroys Innocent Black Lives

Click here to learn more about the leading cause of death among African and Latino Americans.


Thoughts on Getting a Little Older 

I have to admit this is not a new piece of writing, but it is one that is close to my heart. I revisited it today and found it to still be something I feel very deeply. 827 more words


Putting my Spiritual House in Order

I’ve decided to return to my spiritual roots and keep a promise I made when I first created this blog.

In the beginning, the focus was my spiritual path. 365 more words


Making it Work...

This month, my husband and I celebrated fifteen years of marriage.  Now I know fifteen may not seem like a big deal to some – it is certainly not 25, 50, or even the 64 years that one of the couples at church is celebrating this month.  515 more words

Asian Scholar Offers Knowledge and Wisdom on Our White Race, the Jews, China, Japan, and Adolf Hitler

A man of excellent experiences in Asia because he was born there and has lived there most of his life has corresponded with me and expressed his scholarly research results and well-informed opinions about China, Adolf Hitler, and related topics. 2,560 more words

The Jewish Problem