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Weibo Ludwig died on Easter Monday. He was an interesting character. A man who has been described as an enigma. Someone who people described as either a terrorist or an environmental hero.  926 more words

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Wiebo Ludwig dies at 70

I was out of town for the Easter long weekend, and was saddened when I came back home to hear reports that Wiebo Ludwig had died… 64 more words


Jesse Kline on Wiebo Ludwig: The world is safer without him

His was a life shrouded in mystery — partly due to the nature of his reclusive religious practices and partially because of the extrajudicial nature of the political activism he engaged in — but one thing is certain: The northern Alberta community in which Wiebo Ludwig resided can now rest easier, following his passing from esophageal cancer at the age of 70. 593 more words

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Wiebo Ludwig: Martyr? Terrorist? Or something in between?

The response to the news of the passing of Wiebo Ludwig, who died of cancer on Monday at the age of 70, show just how potent and perplexing he was in life, and how mixed his legacy will remain. 1,028 more words

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Eco-activist, convicted pipeline bomber Wiebo Ludwig dead at 70

By Brent Wittmeier

Wiebo Ludwig, known for decades for his confrontations with the oilpatch, law enforcement and the modern world, died on Monday at his remote farm in northern Alberta. 1,189 more words


Pharmaceuticals in our Water, Gaia Hypothesis & Wiebo Ludwig

We rely on modern pharmaceuticals to keep us healthy, but now researchers are finding that those same drugs are making their way into our water. Today Dr. 391 more words

Film Review: Wiebo's War (3.5 stars)

By Katherine Monk

Wiebo Ludwig is a name that conjures all kinds of thoughts in Canada. Convicted of vandalism resulting in millions of dollars in damages in 2001, Ludwig has often been cited as one of Canada’s most noted “eco-terrorists.” 531 more words