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Get Bored, Son...

I’ve changed a lot since I first started doing all of this. Playing, writing about what I’ve played, forming opinions about shit. I’m sure for the most part I’m pretty similar, maybe I’m just better at justifying my behavior nowadays. 1,063 more words

Documentary Review Week: Wiener

One of the most important aspects of film is character because character is action. It’s one of my favourite aspects of film because character tells stories, it begets understanding and empathy, or in Anthony Weiner’s case: sympathy. 396 more words


Film Review Special: Documentary Week

I love documentaries. I love how they can communicate and inform facts and opinion, but also tell stories much more emotional and personal than any fictional drama ever could. 107 more words



We had 4 nights booked in Vienna and I was looking forward to seeing all of their beautiful palaces and gardens but unfortunately I came down with a terribly bad cold the day we arrived.  536 more words


The Rationalities. I

Приятное vs Полезное

Представим идеальную среду.

  • Город философов, в котором нет экономических проблем.
  • Все философы обладают свободным доступом к информации и заинтересованы в ее получении. …
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Knjka B

My Bologna Has a First Name - It's O-S-C-A-R

A rather obscure member of the 1838-1839 immigration was a furrier by the name of Johann Traugott Bolz.  On this day, January 17th, in 1841, he married Auguste Wirth.  525 more words

Localization Needed: Tornado Wiener Bread

Yeah, it’s a bit immature to laugh when a hot dog is referred to as a wiener. But add the word tornado, and I don’t think too many adults could pass without at least a chuckle: 102 more words

Funny Translation Errors