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Getting involved with all things sausage at the German Gymnasium...

Built like a Bavarian weightlifter and dwarfed by a tree whose branches hang full of jewelled baubles, the restaurant inside German Gymnasium at Kings Cross is one of the loveliest places in which to enjoy festive fare right now. 677 more words

Dining Out - Lunch

special christmas competition !

How many pricks can you spot in this photo?

The first person to reply with the correct answer wins a Reverend Bizarre swag bag (no, we don’t mean Tamara’s purse), full of goodies.

Pretentious Ponce

Conversations at work.

Paddy: (passing by microwave that BabyMaffu is standing near) WOW, that smells really really good.

M2TalksAlot:  (walks in all smiles on my heels)

BabyMaffu:  It’s the wife’s tortilla soup. 103 more words


Wiener's theorem

Wikipedia link.

Let be a locally compact abelian group. Then there exists a Haar measure on and the Fourier transform is defined where is the… 37 more words


Terd 9/23- "Pecadildo"

Pecadildo (Pecadillo+ Dildo): 1. A small, wiener shaped problem 2. A small problem that vibrates

Pecadildo eg 1

Dude: DAMMIT! I forgot the hotdogs for the bbq… 58 more words


When You Walk into a Poo Storm

Everyone knows there are some things you just don’t post on social media, right? I mean, we’ve learned our lesson with this woman , these… 487 more words


Serious Silly

Food for Thought: ¿Have you ever tried being serious while saying the word boobies or wiener? ¿How can you take anybody let alone a conversation seriously if someone’s uses these words? 722 more words