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Die feine Klinge und ihr Gegenteil

Wenn der echte Wiener dich aufs Korn nimmt, tut er das subtil, raffiniert und fast schon unmerklich. Er greift zur feinen Klinge und filetiert dich fein säuberlich. 161 more words

Aphorismen Sententiae Sprachspiel

Wiener process continuous in probability

you can find the definition of a Wiener process at the the following link :

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiener_process, in  the following discussion we will escape from the rigorous mathematical framework  in order to extract the main idea of the proof… 156 more words


Hot Dog History

In our last post, we found a basic definition of the hot dog, or Frankfurter, or wiener… Here, we will look at the disputed history of this sausage. 170 more words

Hot Dog

The hot dog, the Frankfurter, the wiener…

With warm weather moving in, we’ll be having fewer roasts and shifting our cooking outdoors. This means that we’ll be having lots of hot dogs – they’re quick and easy to grill. 111 more words

Those days

No I don’t want to go to the dance with you! This was the same girl who when I  told her I wanted to go steady, she told me to try prunes.  40 more words

Growing Up

Liars Poke Her

“Big Brother is watching you.”

-George Orwell

Orwell’s clear implication is that we will be a docile, good little herd if we know what’s good for us. 807 more words

A Wiener to Warm Your Heart

Before the reds of St. Valentine’s Day and the Chinese New Year celebrations start to change to the greens of St. Patricks Day, march madness, and the onset of spring, we figured we’d share a little of the mischief of our photography fun and bring you this special heart-warming treat. 435 more words

Celebrity Dachshund