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Here is ribcaged that I have done with watercolur, it is so fun to do art.
Have a lovely weekend shining stars!


Semetipsa 76

Here is Semetipsa from the world of Mudrusba Murtson.

This things stands for Alone, and everything that stands for it.

Alone can be in this world a really strong feeling and the form is like this. 16 more words


Richard Of York

Note: I have no idea what I’m writing about. Just saying.

Once there was a man who lived in times too olden for one to recall its year. 726 more words


We Need to Standardise Hello's and Goodbye's

It’s a family event, a wedding perhaps, maybe a funeral, you see that your Great Aunty June has made a B-line for you, there’s nothing you can do now, she’ll be with you in seconds. 424 more words


Dreams that don't let me sleep...

There are few things in life better than drifting off to sleep. After a long day of toil and tribulation, retreating to the comfort of bed, and then to the sweet release of unconsciousness—perchance to dream?—is a blessing, one of the most natural joys human beings can experience. 728 more words


Alphabet Soup - Z


Z is for Zipties. This is our final entry into our #alphabetsoup challenge it was fun. We might do it again soon. #jwab

Alvin: 100 more words


Dream | Elven Princes

I barely remember this one as I woke up and could feel it escaping me. Therefore, the clearest thing I remember are the events that were occurring right before slumber fell. 240 more words