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A Poem: Whatever

UFOs in the sky
I don’t know why
They fly
Across the ocean
And the plains
Dreams are so vain
They have no main…
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Random Ramblings: Family

The other night I was laying in bed trying to sleep and I was pondering what it takes to make a sucessful family. Meaning one with a mom and a dad and children that grow up with both parents living together. 169 more words


A Poem: The World whose sun I swallowed - Part III

Lucifer Sam

Lucifer Sam, the headless cat
By the banks he sat, didn’t bat
An eye or a nail
Time to set sail,
In a boat he found… 157 more words

Poem: Passing On

Black and White, gave up the fight
But Grey was not in sight
Red, Blue and Green, that night, hid quietly behind the scene
And Dr. 87 more words

An Observation: A Stupid dream

This write-up is not about a dream I had last night. Nope. This is about a dream I had many nights ago. I use “many” simply because at that time I didn’t think it had any meaning. 569 more words