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The Psychic.

I can’t explain all of this weirdness. Strange things keep happening to me.

Keep in mind that I’m still reeling from my experiences with the the initial psychic, the signs, the devastating relationship with my ex, and the nagging fear that I left my true soulmate behind in the aftermath (I’ll clarify all of this in another blog post…) 586 more words

Websites you did'nt know existed but you should know

Welcome reader, HOPE YOU ARE GOOD. Here I am going to tell you about websites which you think may not have existed but in real it exists. 577 more words


Weird things I don't remember getting...

So a few days ago I actually cleaned my room for the first time since last year… (still a few more weeks where I can still use that joke.) 208 more words


TIMEPASS WEBSITES (from my point of view)

Hello my readers , Hope you are fine

As we all do possess some time in which we keep on trolling through internet or we keep on going through doing things which are by no means are fruitful to us. 734 more words


Almost Weird Websites: 2017!

Internet hosted more than 1,116,136,500 which keeps on adding with counting secs.most of the websites are for information, technology, gadgets, games, musics, movies etc. there are some which are just good for nothing or everything whatever. 516 more words



via Daily Prompt: Float

I am a shaman

Herb is my psychedelic

I embark on a journey of exploration

suddenly I am falling, slowly

into the depths of my mind… 71 more words

Happy New Year?

Yesterday, on the morning of the New Year, as I was walking home I came across a snake. 0020 hours. The first 20 minutes of 2017. 365 more words