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The Philadelphia Experiment Part II: My Connection

When I wrote Part I of my post on the Philadelphia experiment, I said the next thing I was going to write about was my personal connection. 772 more words

Miguel: A Soul

As a child growing up, though I was easily preoccupied with the joys kids encounter in things, I don’t believe I had the luxury of taking things for granted. 839 more words

Crazy sniffing

The story is simple – you fire up your Wireshark and start sniffing (you may have your IP set or not – doesn’t matter). What happens? 269 more words


The Philadelphia Experiment: Part I: The Story

A landmark happened last week. It was the third anniversary of Dave’s Corner of the Universe. Many of you may know that I have been busy recently with work and kidding season. 849 more words

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This Guy Is So Drunk He Has A Conversation With Himself In A Mirror

A lot of people have been in a spot where we had a little to much to drink. We usually call a taxi, or Uber and go home for the night. 74 more words


be together. not the same.

Android Piano Commercial

The creators of this commercial got the theme of life correct – OUR DIFFERENCES ARE WHAT MAKE LIFE MORE BEAUTIFUL.

Respect for another person’s ‘oddities’ should change our thought from, “They’re weird,” to, “That’s a different way to be and that’s okay.” 16 more words