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'Bonnie and Clyde' Crime Spree Ends With Man's Death

The romance of the “real-life Bonnie and Clyde” (or the latest couple given this moniker) — reached what might be called its inevitable end yesterday. 366 more words

Did you know?

This topic will shed light on some of the recently discovered facts and information from many parts of the world. Some of them is really impressing and worth knowing and memorizing. 322 more words


Did Missouri Violate Tax Laws by Paying Executioners $250K in Cash?

Traditionally executioners wore hoods as it has always been understood that the business of death is grizzly. This is all the more true when the executioner is an authority, and that perhaps explains why the state of Missouri is reportedly paying its death penalty bills with, well, unmarked bills, envelopes stuffed with cash. 405 more words

Porcelain Pup Thief Sweetens Apology With Chocolate Offerings

People make mistakes and most of us can understand and forgive, especially when forgiveness is sought politely in a typed letter and sweetened with chocolate offerings. 422 more words

Public Urination Legal in San Francisco

If peeing in public is cool, consider San Francisco to be Miles Davis. The City by the Bay has had a long history battling public urination, and has deployed numerous strategies, from $500 fines to urine-repellant paint, to deter public pissers, with little or no success. 350 more words

Ratatat - 'Neckbrace'

Why did no one tell me about this band sooner?! Oddball guitars and slightly glitchy electronics are MY JAM. I heard this track when watching the movie  47 more words

Petra Cortright and her vvebcam.

Petra Cortright is an abstract individual.

Click the link below before proceeding  below it.

Check out her website here.

If you clicked it, you would notice the abstract, weirdness which is Petra Cortright. 392 more words

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