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I was searching YouTube for funny banned commercials and I came across this gem from Germany.

I should really be doing my college work but I had to at least comment on this first. 220 more words


Weird Wedding Dreams

Yes we all have strange dreams and all brides to be have strange wedding dreams. We often wake up from dreams thinking we’re crazy but it’s actually really common to have a weird dream that makes you question your sanity. 566 more words

Institutional Weirdness - Rotterdam

The cities that I’ve spend the most time in, Toronto and Vancouver, are often called boring cities. Toronto is where ideas come to die at bureaucracy and NIMBY-ism, and Vancouver is the city of glass and singe family subdivisions. 431 more words

Breast Cancer Survivor Reaches Washington D.C. On Her 50th Birthday After 1,000-Mile March

Paulette Leaphart his finally arrived in Washington D.C. after setting out on a mission to walk from Biloxi, Mississipi, to the Nation’s Capitol to talk about health care reform and raise breast cancer awareness. 422 more words


The War on Magic

While watching Stardust today, I wondered to myself “If people live in a world of magic, why doesn’t everyone do it?”. It occurred to me that maybe people just don’t feel inclined to learn. 1,049 more words


Why did I wait so long?

I could have been doing this all along. I should have. How many times did I tell myself,  “I need to write a blog”? Way too many. 882 more words