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I'm Not Cool

I’m not trendy.

I’m not chic.

I’m not interesting.

I’m not rich.

I’m not desirable.

I’m not mysterious,

I’m not not even,

I’m not even clandestine. 17 more words


When you to tired to think... The cat version

I feel like this picture represent how I feel at the end of the day personally .

3 wierd skills i'm trying to aquire!

I want to be able to look both up and down at the same time. when ever look up i seem to think more constructively for maximum effect i like long walks staring at the sun(my new favorite everyday activity) but i also like to look down hear there is a lot of little creatures you can just accidentally step on like slugs(which are one of the most photogenic creatures i have ever met, not sure if they like to pose or are just thinking what is a camera). 172 more words


As the end of November rolls around, everyone starts talking about Halloween. Whether they are Christian or Muslim. I remember last year not really thinking about it! 251 more words