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Happy Birthday Joe!

So it’s my best friend’s birthday today and while I cannot afford to lavish him with wonderful gifts as I wish I could I thought I might try something a little more heartfelt… 358 more words

A Chunk of Foam Rubber?

Documenting Local Biodiversity: Family Pyronemataceae (maybe)

No, it’s a fungus and a very weird looking one. This weird fungus might be a member of the Pyronemataceae, a family in the Phylum Ascomycota. 250 more words


That's the worst cover I ever saw...

A terrifying thing happened in my search for Nursery Cryme I found this

Of course I bought it but the cover is amazingly awful. It is almost awe inspiring in it’s lack of any artistic merit. 127 more words


The Grime Syndicate (a short story)

All the sex in all the world could never compete with the feeling I experienced some years ago in a single, solitary moment, which was seared in my memory for all time and now resides at the forefront of my consciousness. 1,807 more words


10 weird traditions of christmas from around the world

When we think of something in the world,there are many aspects of that thing.Just like christmas has also weird and insane traditions from around the world… 777 more words


5 wierd things which every real indian do everyday without being aware of it

Hey folks,as you have read the above title,today i am posting against myself becuz i am one of them,scours i am an indian and my primary objective of writing this is that i am fed up of these daily routines of an indian,so today i am exposing them,the things which we are doing from a long time without being aware of.(we have to change guys)that for indian reader only.So i am showing those creepy things so we could improve by reading them.Every Indian reader,please share this post to change every Indian. 469 more words


This weird green creature will haunt your dreams

WTF!! Nature , are you kidding with us? A fisherman found a weird kind of creature near his house and he will regret meeting with him. 25 more words