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Why Today's So Called Feminist Movement Deeply Offends Me

Disclaimer; this may or may not offend quite a few people. For that I am  sorry. I firmly believe what I am about to write and I sincerely hope it can be read just as I intend to write it, with gentleness, grace, and respect.This is just my opinion however and I am in no way trying to pass myself off as some sort of expert on women or how they feel; we have enough men and women with expensive college degrees who can do that for us. 1,688 more words


2265. Wife Invited to Work Full-time

Her Highness My Husband’s Wife described at post 1838 how middle-age husbands try to get their wives to get full-time jobs. She wonders what a wife should do when she thinks differently. 726 more words

Dear Daughter

What's a "Mom Bomb"?

When I was in high school my friends and I had a term for what happens when mothers have simply had enough. Enough of their jobs, kids, husbands, chores, friends, and even themselves. 1,260 more words


"STOP Second Guessing Yourself!"

How many of us women have heard these words? Maybe they’ve come from a friend, sister, mentor, husband, or even from ourselves as we stand critically judging our appearances in the mirror. 910 more words


It Must Be True, I Read It Online

I am a Google addict. Make that Google, Pinterest, Web Md, Facebook, etc. It’s pretty bad honestly. As a new mom with a teething four month old and my own battles with health issues, combined with my addiction to news and blogs of every sort, I think I need some Internet rehab. 777 more words




“a state of feeling sad

a serious medical condition in which a person feels very sad, hopeless, and unimportant and often is unable to live in a normal way” (Miriam Webster) 1,342 more words


God Laughs: Lily's Birth Story, The End is Just the Beginning

1cm in four hours is definitely not the progress one hopes for when they go into labor. Especially when those four hours are spent enduring contractions that come every 1.5 minutes without the help of an epidural or painkillers. 1,138 more words