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Last Night

I feel the burning desire to put these last few days into words, trying to make sense of everything swirling around in my head, maybe shine a sliver of clarity on all this chaos. 1,047 more words


How we got started.

My wife, kay, and I have been enjoying 3 and 4 somes for 17 years. We are both tremendously turned on by it.

It really started before we were married when my wife-to-be, my best friend, Tim, and I were drinking beer on a river bank one summer evening, after seeing a movie. 864 more words

Wife Sharing

Chinese Professor Suggests Men with Lower Income Could Share Wives to Solve Bachelor Crisis

You can’t solve every problem with pure logic. Learning that the hard way is Zhejiang University economics professor Xie Zuoshi.
He’s on the receiving end of a nation’s wrath after he suggested wife sharing to solve China’s gender imbalance issue. 580 more words


A Chinese Professor's Wife Sharing Proposal

A Chinese professor’s controversial suggestion that poorer men could share wives has sparked debate online on how to solve China’s gender imbalance.

Zhejiang University economics professor Xie Zuoshi’s proposal has been met with heavy criticism that it is immoral. 51 more words

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Fantasy time

What I’m currently daydreaming about, something like this:

i’m the entertainment at a party, i’m lying on my back on a big large tall table, my arms outstretched and tied down, and my knees bent and spread so my pussy is extremely exposed, and the party comprises a lot of men and their slave girls, who are busy in the corners doing various depraved things. 706 more words

The Hotwife Experience From The Start

We’ve all been inundated by so much in the interest finding ourselves going over the same material, time after time and haven’t made it any further along in the interest….or have we?   267 more words