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The Hotwife Experience From The Start

We’ve all been inundated by so much in the interest finding ourselves going over the same material, time after time and haven’t made it any further along in the interest….or have we?   267 more words


Polyandry in the world: One woman has several husbands in Indian village

New China TV

In an Indian village, a woman is allowed to marry several husbands

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Breakdown Of Family

Hatke: If you buy this house in Indonesia, you get a wife free!

Bangkok: A property website has put up an ad offering the purchase of a home in Indonesia that not only comes with a garden, two bathrooms and a small lake but also a wife, media reports said on Wednesday. 181 more words

Free Love Weekend

Angela is engaged to be married but feels the need to experiment with another man before it’s too late. Her little sister, home from college for the weekend, inspires her. 11 more words

Erotic Story

wife sharing - a fantasy - part 11

the door opens. i’m staring at the ceiling and gasping for breath. i hear them leave the room, someone enter. two people are in the room, yes, two, and they slide into bed, one either side of me. 1,232 more words

wife sharing - a fantasy - part 10

number three comes over to me. “relax, sweetheart. we aren’t all that mean. here, lie down with me.” he pulls me down, under the covers with him. 1,049 more words