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Some Moments You're In, You're Out

As my age increments my idea of relationship varies. When my husband and I were just starting, we kind of hit it off. Having the same thoughts about relationship minus the past time interests. 240 more words


Affair-Proofing Your Marriage

A short while ago we talked about marriage and the fact that my hsuband and I are working on the spirituality in our marriage. Well, while doing a weekend devotional activity, we were prompted to discuss how to prevent an affair. 471 more words


> why i started wearing makeup AFTER my husband convinced me i didn't need it.

i am 24 years old (and soon to be 25), and i have only ever worn the lightest of makeup, aside from my wedding day, and that is just who i was. 413 more words



I Had Fun Writing This One…

By, Melony F. Carter
July 2, 2015

He Is the Reason Why I Can Meekly Say that I have the Courage to Try, 205 more words

I blinked and they were gone....

Today I looked for my babies and realised that they’ve gone, my babies are no longer there…

What happened?

I blinked

When I opened my eyes again they weren’t there. 235 more words

Dad Loves to Sing

The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.  I will make a helper suitable for him” (Ge. 2:18 NIV).   503 more words

Jesus Christ

A New Memoir by Ron Steinman

A New Memoir for your Consideration by Ron Steinman

For a reading experience like none you have ever had, I suggest you turn to “Survival Manual: A Memoir of Near Death, Illness and Survival.” Recently published by and available from Smashwords.com, at Barnes&Noble and most other eBook platforms, the price is affordable and well worth your time.