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On Missing You Too Soon

I find myself imagining
how the differences will
play out…
The unfamiliar,
lengthening silences,
stretching into the dusk.
The way dust devils will
gather in corners, waiting… 112 more words


Am I winning?

As I stand in the kitchen, holding the stool I am currently looking for, the realisation that it is in my hand hits a few seconds later. 547 more words


In you I believe

I do believe again, like I exist,
My heart isn’t shattered, as I have faith.
I believe in your smiles and in us, the two, 102 more words


A Word for the One Minute Men...

I have been told some of you are (One) 1 minute men. I would like to ask why?
Dear husbands, why? Have you forgotten your vows already? 768 more words


Destine For Nothing

Hello to the non-existent readers,

I was going to post tomorrow but I guess being early is good unless you are me. I don’t really know what to write anymore, I don’t really find joy in writing anymore. 14 more words


I'm Super Woman- I Just Lost My Cape

Living up to society’s standards of a “well-rounded” woman is hard. I’ll be honest, living up to the standards I set for myself is even harder. 651 more words