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How to Share Your Wi-Fi access across your iOS devices

Sharing your Wi-Fi passwords to your friends or family can be annoying, especially when you have already set your password up to have multiple characters, symbols, alongside with super long characters. 253 more words


Indonesia: ISIS plot to detonate bombs remotely using WIFI is foiled as police round-up dozens of terror suspects

ISIS plotted to use WIFI to remotely detonate backpacks full of explosives, as Indonesian police say they have rounded up dozens of skilled bomb-makers.

Indonesian police said Friday that they have arrested Islamic-State linked terror suspects, including some who planned to detonate bombs at political demonstrations when election results are announced next week. 75 more words

I'm Ready for a Redo

We have some houseguests at the moment. As my husband and I’s room is the closest thing we have to a guest room, we relocated upstairs with all our kids. 952 more words

Wifi calling, 4g only hotspots, Google wifi and one plus 7

Its not that we particularly enjoy reading a dry declaration on the FCC website. Just like you we prefer to be peacefully sleeping in our bed when the clock is ticking past 2 AM. 1,772 more words


Set Your Portal Free

It’s no secret that users hate captive portals. It’s no secret that WiFi engineers hate captive portals. So, why do we still have them? Well, there’s a few reasons people might have about why they… 1,475 more words


Only a small advertisement..

Well, I’m not known by doing this kind of things, but right now I feel I have to advertise this beautiful complex in Zelenika. I see this as a potential hotel that could success, so please take a moment to read this.. 388 more words


Creating A Rogue Access Point

Everyone is advertising free WiFi nowadays as a way to lure customers in. What these customers might not known is if the hotspot they are connecting to is genuine. 689 more words

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