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#16 siblings

My brother took a long time to adjust to me losing my hair. For maybe the first year of having alopecia, he point blank refused to go out in public with me. 190 more words


#15 Buses

To get to school by public bus, I have to change services at our local hospital. Today when I was heading in to a Music revision session, an old lady asked me how far we were from the hospital. 307 more words


#13 Eyebrows and Cyclists

If someone could invent a beauty product to keep eyebrow powder on my face, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Today I’ve had to redraw my eyebrows on at least twice because I keep rubbing the blighters off by accident. 444 more words


Hair launch

Today I abandoned the wig…. Scary. As well as feeling self conscious in it, I’m now terrified I look like a person who’s had cancer. So far I’ve met a few people who know about my illness and some who don’t. 59 more words


#11 Rainbow Wig

Last night I have yet another friend approach me and say they have alopecia. That makes it 3 friends now who’ve also got this, although they’ve only got small patches so they aren’t quite as severe as me. 424 more words


#9 tan lines

I have this really irrational worry that I’m going to spend my super long summer sunbathing once my exams finish and end up with a tan line where my wig sits. 91 more words