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Wii Unfit

I’m officially somewhat dead. A six year old told me so. Plus physical today has pretty much destroyed me. Stupid WiiFit programmes at the gym making me look ridiculous as well as killing me. 162 more words


Keep on keeping on

via the daily prompt: Stifle

Today began with good intentions.

I’d walk as fast as could the short walk to my mothers house, down the most deserted picturesque route I could find, with my new workout app, a fully charged phone and bluetooth headset and a power playlist.   283 more words


Walking the Tightrope

I used to play the Nintendo Wii a lot when I was a kid. I was a huge fan of The Legend of Zelda, and I had a ridiculous amount of games for it that I bought second hand. 276 more words


You'll never guess what I do as I write!!

To be fair, I have only just stated doing it, so the title of this is a bit unfair. I haven’t exactly got the hang of it so my typing is rather erratic as I try and concentrate on what I’m writing at the same time. 794 more words

Bits And Pieces

Why fit

Some times I bang on about training.

I work out most days; more times than not. Sometimes twice a day.  I have been known to overtrain, but I’ve also grown quite good at… 464 more words

Happiness is a Hula Hoop

First Posted on July 25, 2010  by Jonna Hawker Turek

When was the last time you treated your hips to the gentle caress of a hula hoop… 376 more words

Personal Musings

Day Twelve - Feeling Ugh! Fighting That Diet Mentality I Learned Over Years Of Diet Attempts...

Another successful diet day. Almost another successful week. I am finding it easy to talk myself down off the ‘sugar’ edge. I just don’t want to be fat & unhealthy anymore. 708 more words