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Day Twelve - Feeling Ugh! Fighting That Diet Mentality I Learned Over Years Of Diet Attempts...

Another successful diet day. Almost another successful week. I am finding it easy to talk myself down off the ‘sugar’ edge. I just don’t want to be fat & unhealthy anymore. 708 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Day Ten - Wii Fit Free Cycling - Essex Walks...

“Yaaay!” Another successful diet day. I am doing so amazingly fabtabolously well. Last night I avoided picking. I did not have Mikado biscuits, so I had a can of ginger beer. 451 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Day Nine - Mii Getting A Wii Bit Fitter On My Wii Fit +

Whew! Got through a wine drinking evening, with no binging. I had 4 ryvita’s with olive oil margarine & ham {I need to get some butter, it is healthier… 515 more words

Weight Loss Journey

AlMoSt ThE eNd Of A sUcCeSsFuL wEeK oNe On My WeIgHt LoSs JoUrNeY...

Almost the end of week one…What an amazing first week on my weight loss journey it has been. I decided to stop following a diet & start eating how I have been eating all week. 253 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Exercising On An Empty Stomach - Intermittent Fasting - Insulin Insensitivity...

I done my 30 minutes Wii fit + earlier today. According to my Wii fit board I have lost 3 lbs. Apparently my Wii board is worried about me…Gawd! 907 more words


Day Four Of My Weight Loss Journey- 2 lbs Weight Loss - Setting BIG! Goals...

“Wooo!” A successful day three…I decided to weigh myself, because my weight was staying the same on my Wii fit + board. I weigh 15st1 3/4 lbs. 685 more words


Day Three - Wii Fit + - 1 HR 30 MINS...

OMG! I am & sweaty ‘Eeewww!’ I did just do 30 minutes Wii fit +…I went advance on the cycling, birds eye balls eye &…Ummm! What is it called? 147 more words