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Challenges and Commitments

I spend quite a bit of time flaffing around on Facebook, as I’m sure many other people do too. But Facebook can also be a useful tool for getting assistance to accomplish things, commit to things, receive challenges to do things. 567 more words

Use It or Lose It!

from my Facebook Page:

“I’ve begun a challenge with the MS Society, started yesterday. The challenge I posted was to exercise for ten minutes every single day. 508 more words

Living Well With MS

Challenging Myself, for My Own Good

Early this week, I decided I was going to commit to doing 10 minutes of exercise – brisk walking or something similar, every single day, in the interests of helping my body to get fitter and so healthier, for my mental health to make me happy with myself, and perhaps my spiritual health in some unknown way … I went well for the first few days, doing brisk walking every day. 449 more words

Living Well With MS

Making A Game Of Your Fitness

Alright, admittedly, anyone who’s ever seen a picture of me will be aware that I’m quite a chunky person. I’ve always been pretty big, but recently I’ve gotten to a point where I’ve decided that I’ve had enough of it. 1,204 more words

GeekOut Discussion

The Video Game World Cup 2018

Apparently there is this football thing that a lot of people in a lot of countries worldwide are interested in. Apparently it is a big deal. 415 more words

Community And Collaboration

How WiiFit into a Holistic Lifestyle

Living in rural Ohio, I grew up with a simple life. My family is conservative, in views and lifestyle. We didn’t have the newest technology, we weren’t dressed latest fashions, we didn’t even have internet until after I graduated high school in 2013. 339 more words


Wii Fit & Balance Board

Arriving home from work at 8pm in the week, the last thing I want to do is head to the gym. Instead I settle for a bite whilst chilling in front of the TV, before rocking off to bed. 398 more words