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ZOMBIU WII U GAME: For Both Beginners & Hardcore Gamers

London is falling! A great plague has enveloped the city in a fog of death. Humanity has been ravaged by infection, the diseased prowl through the streets, waiting to prey on your living flesh at every turn! 54 more words


Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean: Blue World


Titles: Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean: Blue World

Genre: Educational Adventure Simulation

Rating: E (Everyone) for Endless Ocean and E10+ (Everyone 10+) for Endless Ocean: Blue World… 1,016 more words

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Where's the Zelda Review?

As many of you already know, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword started flying off store shelves November 20th. It’s been a couple weeks I know, but I’m hard at work trying to get that final review out, but to do the game justice, I have to play the game from start to finish. 667 more words

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Do You Need the Leg Strap & Resistance Band With EA Sports Active More Workouts?

EA Sports Active More Workouts is an interactive video game for the Nintendo Wii system that includes more than 35 exercises and other physical activities. The game also features a six-week weight-loss plan and comes with a book of diet and exercise tips from fitness professionals. 369 more words

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I Went Ape Shit Over This Game!

I went ape shit over this game. I really did. But this game kicked my ass. I’ve played a lot of games in my day: hard games, games that basically play themselves and games that were downright unfair (N+ comes to mind), but I haven’t found a game that balanced difficulty and sheer fun like the new Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii. 1,401 more words

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How Rock Band has affected how I listen to music

(EDIT: This article was featured on Bitmob at http://bitmob.com/articles/how-rock-band-has-affected-how-i-listen-to-music )

I am a huge fan of Rock Band. I play it almost daily, but not as a social function like many who play the game; for me, it’s a solitary experience that I find both relaxing and stress relieving. 787 more words

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