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What is the Purpose of Gamer's Joy?

About the Author

My name is David Hazward. I am 16…at least when I’m writing this. I have been around games since I was about two years old. 485 more words


Mario Party 10 - Wii U [Digital Code]


System Requirements:Supported Platforms: Nintendo – Wii U

Nintendo account required for game activation and installation

Moonwalk Talks - Episode 015 - Michael Jackson Video Games (Part 2)

Welcome to Moonwalk Talks! A Michael Jackson Podcast dedicated to searching out the Facts, Stories and Theories about the King of Pop! On Part Two of Michael Jackson Video Games, Jankins and his brother Tristan dive into more videos games featuring MJ! 45 more words

Michael Jackson

Read it Now! 3,653 Nights: 10 Years of Sonic and the Secret Rings

Once upon a time, on the nineteenth night of February 2017, I had fallen fast asleep on my sofa. An issue of Sonic the Comic…

86 more words

I'll Trade My Wii For It

Inspired by a funny story my friend told me the other day …

Back in college, I made a trade. It wasn’t an official trade. We didn’t preface it with “I’ll trade you for it” or “hey, how about my widget for your widget.” This one was more informal. 670 more words

A Story

New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U - Wii U [Digital Code]

(2 Games on 1 Disc) New Super Mario Bros. U: Side-Scrolling Platformer; "E"; Everyone w/Comic Mischief; 1-5 Players w/Local Multiplayer New Super Luigi U: Side-Scrolling Platformer; "E"; Everyone w/Comic Mischief; 1-5 Players w/Local Multiplayer + Bonus Videos that provide expert-level play. 18 more words

Before U Go...

The Wii U has one foot out the door (or one foot in the grave, for the more macabre among you.) Its central conceit, the second screen of the GamePad, turned out to be a one-trick pony; second-screen home console gaming certainly didn’t catch on as Nintendo hoped it would, which may be the understatement of forever.  1,157 more words