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One Controller Port Podcast: Episode 47 - The Most Timely WiiWare and Virtual Console Podcast

This week I discuss some random recent gaming bits as well as my pick ups for WiiWare and Virtual Console. 12 more words


Wii Essentials: Castlevania: The Adventure - ReBirth

Well, friends, it’s finally happening: as of the time of writing, you can no longer add credit to your Wii Shop Channel account, meaning that if you don’t already have some on there, you can’t buy anything. 1,169 more words


RiverCityGamers Podcast: 3-20-2018

SCXCR breaks everyone’s mind and Unreal gets locked in the pool. ShadowSnake goes over some Toys R Us memories while Zeromaster gets away with Naruto-based laziness. 73 more words


REVIEW: Jett Rocket [D]

Wii (WiiWare), 2010 by Shin ‘en Multimedia.

If you’re looking for a hidden gem on the Wii Shopping Channel prior to its shutdown, keep on looking. 454 more words


REVIEW: Bonsai Barber [C]

Wii (WiiWare), 2009 by Zoonami.

It would be easy to dismiss Bonsai Barber as a glorified Mario Party mini-game, but this self-styled ‘first person groomer’, where you must provide haircuts for a cute and colourful crop of fruit and veg locals, unveils its layers as you continue to play. 656 more words


One Controller Port Podcast: Episode 42 - Wii VC-FX

This week I discuss the ever closing deadline on WiiWare/Virtual Console and my recently obtained PC-FX. 11 more words


One Controller Port Podcast: Episode 21 - Strange Til the End of Time

This week I talk about the mobile game Strange Telephone, as well as the death of Xbox Live Indie Games and the Wii Shop Channel. 18 more words