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Download Wiiware Games To Sd Card

Download wiiware games to sd card

Fire up the Wii Menu application from your Wii U Menu whenever you want to play Wii games. Any data you transfer from your Wii console will be accessible here. 594 more words

The Nintendo Wii 10 Years On: What Was And Could Have Been

The original Nintendo Wii turned 10 over the weekend, I haven’t seen many retrospective articles about it but I haven’t really been looking. Maybe they’ll be up this week. 984 more words


Wii-rd Games: LIT

The Wiiware service¬†was pretty overlooked during¬†the last generation. It’s not a big surprise, considering how well supported XBLA and PSN were at the time. 487 more words


Wii-rd Games: Tomena Sanner

The Wii was a hugely successful system for which many great mainstream games were created. But for each Mario Galaxy or Wii Sports, there were a dozen weird little titles that didn’t have a broad appeal and didn’t get the recognition they deserved. 568 more words