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South Carolina Indigo

Indigo dyed Corchorus olitorius (Tossa jute) with openwork hand embroidery Lucille Junkere 2015

I have been studying and dyeing with indigo dye for over six years and through that connection became aware of one of the first women to be inducted into the South Carolina business hall of fame. 343 more words


Happy Days

100 Days of Happiness day 6

I’m so very grateful for the internet, specifically Wikipedia, for making research so much simpler.  Plus it saves a few billion trees. 23 more words

Fluff From My Mind

"I can't breathe" - Eric Garner

Some of the information I have obtained is from can.com, the other sites I have used will be acknowledged.


Who is Eric Garner?

 Eric Garner and his wife… 2,047 more words


Sharing Deepak Chopra

The English word spirit (from Latin spiritus “breath“) has many differing meanings and connotations.  The word spirit is often used metaphysically to refer to the… 10 more words


위키피디아에서 가장 많이 고쳐쓴 항목 100가지

위키피디아(Wikepedia)는 수많은 인터넷 이용자들의 지적 수고와 집단지성을 모아 끊임없이 내용이 보태지고 다시 편찬되는 온라인 백과사전입니다. 위키피디아에서는 어떤 항목에 대해 누구나 내용을 새로 쓰고 보탤 수 있으며 틀린 내용을 수정할 수도 있습니다. 6 more words

World / Politics

The Cubs Winning Ways

There’s a funny and peculiar thing happening at the Cubs camp this spring; They’re winning. The Cubs record is 5-6 and it’s not .500 but folks, it’s a good thing. 353 more words