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Just Another Shitty Day


After a useless internal debate whether to delete or reactivate, I logged into my account. The world went on without me. Crap. I change my profile picture. 208 more words


Why leafmore?

Yes. I get you. Why would she call her blog leafmore. It´s kind of strange. Well, I think you would understand me better if I told you more about me. 222 more words


wiki post script

i should add that after the embryo is transferred, the dr inserts a catheter into the urethra and lets the river run, so to speak. 13 more words


today's wiki: how to get a full bladder

some fertility doctors (including mine) require you to have a full bladder when you come in for an embryo transfer.

the full bladder presses on your uterus and flattens it out. 438 more words


Think Exactly how: The WikiHow Picture Video game

The WikiHow Image Game has disturbed my process today and I believe the only way I can recover is by sharing it with as many individuals as feasible. 26 more words


comfort zone

Luyện để có giận dữ nhau, người ta mới nghe giọng mình thôi đã… hết muốn cãi với mình nữa :D

Giọng mình có khuyết điểm là nhỏ, yếu, và mau hụt hơi nên đi karaoke là tủi thân vì hát cao, hát dài, hát nhiều không nổi hay người lớn nhờ đọc hộ bức thư dài 3, 4 trang mà đọc mới nửa đã ngồi thở :'( 103 more words

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