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Soon Robots Could Make You Pancakes, Among Other Things

RoboHow, a European research project that began back in February 2012, is attempting to teach humanoid robots how to perform mundane everyday tasks.

This includes activities performed in living environments, such as cooking, as well as in office environments, such as adding paper to a printer. 97 more words

A German Robot Learned to Cook Pizza by Watching YouTube and Reading WikiHow

The Internet’s vault of how-to information isn’t just useful for humans these days.

A European project called RoboHow is teaching machines to learn to complete tasks from instructions on the web. 446 more words

The Step Bull****



I was told by my (self-appointed editor) who read the first draft of this piece that my use of the word ‘Bullshit’ in the title and body of this note, will offend certain ultra religious sensibilities. 666 more words


"How to cure an existential crisis"

My hands are immobile and my eyes are staring at a blank screen. I’m wondering how I can possibly tell you how I feel with remote honesty. 292 more words