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How can one become a better freelancer?

Trying to find the right words start a blog post is more difficult than fulfilling personal goals in regards to word count. As a freelancer, I found myself in this dilemma. 231 more words


wikiHow: An Aliens Guide to Humanity

I know a lot of you out there are skeptical about the possibility of humans being invaded by aliens. But what if I told you it’s possible they are already among us? 522 more words

​ The Time I Had A Pet Rock

When you think of pets usually cats, dogs, rabbits and even snakes come to mind. But this is the internet and the internet thinks otherwise. As you may know, wikiHow is filled with weird articles and you’ve probably come across one of its many pet rock articles. 259 more words


Rejection to redirection

You’re excited to start a new opportunity, you await that special call…and then…or you’ve met a great person, you connect well with them…and then…REJECTION!

Immediately, you show up to the pity party, early, crying the blues to all your family and friends and indulge in making yourself feel bad for yet another failed opportunity, relationship, or situation. 369 more words

The Weirdest Anime 'WikiHow' Articles I Could Find

WikiHow is pretty much the go to when you need a step by step guide. Its got the pictures, the simple explanations, and a Q&A section. 640 more words


How to Reduce Freight Costs: 6 Steps - wikiHow

How to Reduce Freight Costs. Shipping and logistics can eat a huge amount of your budget if you rely on a company for the transportation and delivery of your products. 22 more words