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How to Write a Business Letter

Need to write a polished, professional letter? Most business letters follow an established, easy-to-learn format that you can adapt to any type of content. A business letter should always contain the date, information about the sender and recipient, and a few body paragraphs. 618 more words


Come essere felici

Io amo WikiHow. Quando non ho niente da fare sfoglio tutte le liste strampalate che quel sito offre. Le mie preferite sono “Come entrare in contatto col tuo angelo custode” e “Come diventare Emo senza che nessuno se ne accorga”. 424 more words

How to Teach Your Dog to Heel (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Training your dog to heel off his leash is an important step in a good relation with your dog. This article provides the necessary steps in successfully teaching your dog to listen and behave when walking your dog.

WikiWHAT?! The weirdest images from WikiHow.

The sub-reddit, WikiWHAT has captioned some hilarious images from the infamous WikiHow pages on t’internet:

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Top 10 INSANE WikiHow Articles.

WikiHow as we all know is a website where we find article of how to do things! but some of their article would make you feel like seriously?? 486 more words


How to dress like a nerd as a girl

I have been pleasantly surprised to find that wikihow changed an article after I blogged about it. So thank you wikihow for acknowledging that this article was pretty insulting. 415 more words

Women In Science

4 Ways to Increase Website Traffic - wikiHow

This WikiHow post discusses the numerous, creative ways to increase traffic to your website without cost. As long as your creating good, original content, you should see a natural increase in traffic. 23 more words