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How to Celebrate Festivus: 12 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

The Ninth Day before Festivus is traditionally the day of the Festivus Miracle! It’s the day we list our miracles in the comments section! Remember, in the Kramer tradition, you create the Festivus Miracle instead of waiting for the miracle to come to you! 279 more words


Wikihow: How to close life tabs?

Oh the disheveled mind. One moment am thinking of how good it would be to read that book. The next am getting my earphones to get into bed, viva la siesta! 670 more words

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Mad Ramblings

I’m too disorganised to write about one thing so I’m going to ramble instead. 718 more words

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Learning : a way of self-improvement

I’m continuously looking for ways to self improve.
I always want to do things that I thought I’ll be good at.
And, I know if I want to be good at things I must learn. 422 more words



“that’s the thing about North Americans. They’re impatient. Always looking for the next thing. Itching for something new. I blame that for why families are disintegrating here. 1,116 more words


The Cost-Benefit Analysis

Has anyone ever done a cost-benefit analysis of people. More specifically friends.

I really like the idea of having lots of friends, but shit. People are hard work. 824 more words


My thoughts on WikiHow

Ahhhh, Wikihow. Need to learn how to talk to someone about something? Check WikiHow. Need to learn how to fake your own death? Check WikiHow. Need to learn how to act depressed to get the attention of others? 474 more words