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The Mysterious Death of Seth Rich

I had a post on illegal voting I started writing, but I decided that the topic of Seth Rich takes precedence since it is getting closer to July 4 and 10, the date of his death in 2016. 281 more words

A few things don't add up about this latest Russian hacking via /r/WikiLeaks

A few things don’t add up about this latest Russian hacking

Submitted June 25, 2017 at 02:51PM by WylieMontis
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How the CIA hacks computers that aren't even connected to the internet

Air-gapped computers are supposed to be ultra-secure PCs that can’t be infected with malware that spreads with the help of the internet. That’s because of these computers, often connected to sensitive machines, aren’t also connected to the internet. 271 more words


When Google Met WikiLeaks

Very short post, this one, just to recommend a book I recently read: When Google Met WikiLeaks.

I don’t read nearly as much as I should, or would like to.   157 more words


WikiLeaks Julian Assange Warns about the Creation of Digital Armies

Havana Times.org

HAVANA TIMES — The founder of Wikileaks (an international non-profit organization that leaks secret information), Julian Assange, warned us on Thursday about the creation of digital armies in the world, which are a threat to society and don’t only come from Nations but from private enterprises too, reported dpa news. 560 more words


Prior To Snowden, NSA Had No Clue How Many Were Approved to Download Top Secret Info

IG report: Agency failed to reduce number of officials with ‘privileged’ access after leaks

The National Security Agency did not know how many officials were authorized to download and transfer top secret data from its servers prior to the high-profile leaks by former contractor Edward Snowden, according to a recently declassified… 55 more words