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Wikipedia and Shapps: Sockpuppetry, Conflict of Interest, or None?

Taha Yasseri

Will the real Grant Shapps please stand up? ViciousCritic/Totally Socks, (CC BY-NC-SA)

You must have heard about the recent accusation of Grant Shapps by the Guardian. 391 more words


Brief History of Political Wikipedia

Wikipedia places among the top Google results for almost all topics – including political parties and politicians. This is why this Social Election Prediction Project… 562 more words


How to be thorough when you patrol Wikipedia for vandalism

I’ve written several times about patrolling Wikipedia for vandalism. It a great way for new editors to get practice with simple editing tasks. It is also can be a way for… 368 more words


I defended Dr. Oz on Wikipedia - and you should too.

In my how-to series on becoming a Wikipedia editor, I highly recommend spending time patrolling for vandalism using a watch list. It’s good practice with the software, and it helps you build up a positive editing history. 428 more words


Ethics of Wikipedia Research

The election results on this Wikipedia page are wrong, I can tell. As we collect data for the Social Election Prediction Project, I am reviewing many a Wikipedia political party page and every so often I see mistakes. 606 more words


Visits Time Series of a WikiNet

I built a WikiNet (a Wikipedia subset) starting from the article of a recently released movie, and I considered visits history of all articles in the WikiNet, one year before and after the movie release. 232 more words

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How to Build a WikiNet

There are almost 5 million articles in English Wikipedia only, as I wrote in a previous post (Wikipedia as a Complex Network). As you may imagine, analyzing the whole dataset of the Wikipedia network needs some computational power.  455 more words

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