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The raccoon curled up next to a grease-stained, wadded paper bag from Rally’s and rested her head on an empty carton of milk. She wiggled her soft ears as she settled down deeper into the shallow layer of trash covering the base of the dumpster.  354 more words

A crawling snail

Macro used on a crawling snail to capture it :) If interested in the pictures just click on them to be redirected to the download Url and also! 15 more words

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The original kiwi: Interview with a kiwi bird

Amelia: Here I am on Stewart Island in New Zealand, the place I’m most likely to get a glimpse of the secretive, nocturnal kiwi. I’ll be hiking in this coastal rainforest for three days, so I’m guaranteed to see one, right? 746 more words

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Party animals beware - JVs 2nd birthday jungle party!

JV is two years old the 3rd of July! He is a happy and loving little boy who deserved an awesome 2nd birthday party! Since  476 more words


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Face to face with this cute, little squirrel