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Canadian Lynx

A Canadian Lynx is a medium sized wild cat which like the name suggests lurks solitary around Canada and Alaska. The Lynx can be confused looking like a bobcat, one of the main differences is the Lynx will have longer tuffs on there ears. 654 more words

The hard to get itch


A Chipmunk with a hard to end obsession with scratching himself. I watched this pore little fella deal with this itch for about 15 minutes or so. 16 more words


Dog In Winter Woods

Enjoy my artistic rendition of a dog in a snow covered forest, starring intently ahead as he ponders his next steps. Bring nature into your home or office with a wonderful print (framed, canvas, acrylic, metal, wood, art and posters) by visiting… 16 more words


Plano Woman Promoting 'Bobcat Beware' After Beloved Pet Killed

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PLANO (1080 KRLD) – Some residents of Plano are expressing concerns about the presence of bobcats after a small pet was killed. 176 more words


Barghest (creature)

The barghest resembles an oversized mastiff, either pure white or pure black. Its short fur lies at on its body, creating the impression that its hide is naked, and spines protrude the length of its back. 97 more words


Ontario band captures video of grizzly bear eating moose on side of Alberta highway

While it may be part of the circle of life, it’s definitely not a sight most people see every day. While on their way from Kelowna, B.C. 468 more words