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I Love A Fur Coat, But It Depends On Who's Wearing It.

Tossed a glance out the window one morning

And what did my wondering eyes see? Certainly not Santa Claus.

A young bobcat, perhaps only twenty ? 29 more words


Mama Moose Prepares to Protect Baby Moose

A unique aspect of living in Northern Idaho is the fact that it is “Moose Country”.  When we first moved here we could not wait to see a moose and being able to see a male moose with his paddles was and still is a rare treat.  154 more words

Day To Day Life

How it all began.

I’m not really a person who can relate to the human side of things. I can’t relate to the social norms, trends and issues. The day to day of what’s expected as a part of being a human. 574 more words

Animal Care

Red Fox On The Move

This red fox has his eye on something, probably lunch. Ever so softly he steps forward, careful not to alert the prey to his presence. He is focused, as this meal should last for the day. 41 more words


Canadian Lynx

A Canadian Lynx is a medium sized wild cat which like the name suggests lurks solitary around Canada and Alaska. The Lynx can be confused looking like a bobcat, one of the main differences is the Lynx will have longer tuffs on there ears. 654 more words

The hard to get itch


A Chipmunk with a hard to end obsession with scratching himself. I watched this pore little fella deal with this itch for about 15 minutes or so. 16 more words


Dog In Winter Woods

Enjoy my artistic rendition of a dog in a snow covered forest, starring intently ahead as he ponders his next steps. Bring nature into your home or office with a wonderful print (framed, canvas, acrylic, metal, wood, art and posters) by visiting… 16 more words