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Sticky tongues and feather nose-plugs: Interview with a Downy Woodpecker

Me: Hey there, can I speak with you for a moment?

Downy woodpecker: Aaah! You scared me with your super-loud voice. I spend my time listening to insects crawling around in wood, remember? 1,097 more words

Science Writing

Protecting Polar Bear: Do’s and Don’ts

When discussing environmental topics, my immediate idea concerning the environmental issue that bumps up in my mind is global warming. As I begin thinking more examples regarding global warming, I would like to talk about the endangered polar bears, for the condition of their living habitats are closely related to global warming problem. 852 more words


Art: Kendra Haste, "Royal Beasts at the Tower of London"

Kendra is a contemporary animal sculptor working with the medium of galvanised wire.

Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1998, she has established a significant reputation in her field with work included in collections world-wide. 179 more words

Kendra Haste

Do you know your Nyala?

The common name of the antelope is derived from the traditional Zulu word for the animal,inxala.

Nyala are the most striking of antelopes and also exhibit the greatest sexual dimorphism (difference between the sexes) Females are red-brown in colour and characteristically striped along the ridge of the back with up to 18 white lines. 202 more words


The beginning of a zebra

I’m very excited to say that this drawing is going to be the very first drawing that I’ll be turning into a YouTube video! My boyfriend got me this really cool camera for Valentine’s Day and I’ve been just dying to use it ever since. 79 more words


Almost finished! - Jaguar

For some reason, this is always where I get nervous with my drawings.

I just finished outlining this drawing with black ink and I’m about to erase all the pencil marks. 104 more words


My drawings from this year

Here are a few of my drawings from this year.

Starting with the oldest.