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RPG House: Chrono Saga and One-Offs

Chrono Trigger

Premise: Time Travelers must stop a monster from ending the World

Battle System: This 2D jrpg has a turn based none-active battle system. Each character has a specific weapon and element type. 717 more words


'Kinetica', 'Wild Arms' Now Available On PS4

Upscaled 1080p versions of two PS2 classics are now available for the PS4 via PSN. 227 more words


Let's Take a Step Back and Acknowledge How Awesome Tales of Zestiria's Opening Theme is.

Tales of Zestiria released months ago, but as I still work my way through its expositorily verbose campaign I find myself admiring one specific event each time I launch the game on my PS4: the intro. 188 more words

Console Gaming

Today's Loot: February 2016

This will be rather short blog post because I didn’t buy much this month. My CDJapan pre-order arrived and I asked a friend to get me a game and something from the Comiket 89 but that’s all. 310 more words

Today's Loot


Oh yeah this blog title is a really terrible joke. Just awful. But that’s why you come here. Ballet and bad jokes. And sometimes art, too I suppose. 344 more words

Ballet Journey

The Top 10 Western Games

Real Talk By: KJ

Games from this Western-Cowboy genre have a certain style about themselves. Something that brings us back to the Clint Eastwood classics, or self-satisfaction of playing an outlaw character. 893 more words


Wild Arms 4 - The Times Are A’Changing

Wild Arms 4 – The Times Are A’Changing

I’ve often spoke of the necessary evolution of franchises. Superman cannot fight Nazis in the 1980s. Spider-Man’s marriage to Mary-Jane was dissolved in an effort to modernize the character. 442 more words

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