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Mid-Week Video Day: The Game Opening that Made Me Fall in Love with Soundtracks

I love video game soundtracks, those that tell a story without words, and this is the main reason for my love. ❤

The quiet guitar, about to tell a story of a world with two moons. 381 more words

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From the Archives: Shaking Up the Formula

One of the most common criticisms levelled at the JRPG genre — usually by those who don’t play them much — is that they are bland, formulaic and predictable. 1,188 more words

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Wild Arms 20th Anniversary

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Wild Arms in North America. It released for the original PlayStation on April 30, 1997, which was just four months after the Japanese debut back in December. 139 more words


Episode 85: Wild West Hoedown!

Download Episode 85: “Wild West Hoedown” here!

Saddle up for our Wild West Hoedown! Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’ Mike and Cowpoke Ed round up some of their favorite western-themed VGM tracks in today’s show. 192 more words


Wild Arms 20th Anniversary Approaches & One Wild Hope (A Personal Retrospective)

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Although the Wild ARMS video game franchise was never hugely popular in North America as it were in Japan, the dedicated fan-base will be celebrating on Dec 20, 2016. 1,036 more words


Wild Arms 2: Second Ignition (PS1)

Our tale takes place in the planet of Filgaia. A tumultuous world which faces planetary disaster on a disturbingly regular basis. One such disaster, dealt with mere generations ago, was the Blaze of Disaster. 1,512 more words

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Sony announces ForwardWorks plans

SIE’s new division ForwardWorks, dedicated to making games for mobile devices has announced its plans for the year ahead. The company revealed all the details in a presentation last Wednesday. 209 more words