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The Top 10 Western Games

Real Talk By: KJ

Games from this Western-Cowboy genre have a certain style about themselves. Something that brings us back to the Clint Eastwood classics, or self-satisfaction of playing an outlaw character. 893 more words


Wild Arms 4 - The Times Are A’Changing

Wild Arms 4 – The Times Are A’Changing

I’ve often spoke of the necessary evolution of franchises. Superman cannot fight Nazis in the 1980s. Spider-Man’s marriage to Mary-Jane was dissolved in an effort to modernize the character. 442 more words

Video Games

Wild Arms V

Wild ARMs 5 – The Tribute/Homage

In 1997, the RPG videogame Wild ARMs was released. It wasn’t the prettiest game on the market. But the battle system, the puzzles, and most of all its charming characters secured it a place in the heart of many a RPG gamer. 448 more words

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My Top Twenty PSOne Games (20-11)

The Playstation was released 20 years ago this week (in Europe) and it goes without saying that it changed the video game industry as we knew it. 1,297 more words


Video Game Challenge Day 26: Boss Fights

“Favorite boss fight”

Since it’s not genre-specific, this one could be a lot of things, and I’m really not sure of my answer(s). 144 more words


Wild ARMs 5 Kini Tersedia di PSN Jepang

Xseed kini membawa salah satu game JRPG klasik di PS2 ke PSN yaitu Wild ARMs 5 meskipun masih di wilayah Jepang, kalian pun bisa mendownloadnya dengan menggunakan Akun PSN Jepang mu. 7 more words

PlayStation Flash Sale Features $0.99 Games

Right now for $0.99 you can pick up some classic games from the PlayStation Store.  The sale will be live from now to July 14.   136 more words

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