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A Year Later - An Amazing Journey

Since this time last year, I have been continually sharing with all of you pieces of this journey that God has placed me on as He took a hold of my life and transformed me like I never, ever thought possible.   954 more words

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Accepting Forgiveness

For some of us there are things buried that we would never want brought to the surface. There are things we haven’t forgiven ourselves for, but this is not your burden to bear. 389 more words


Let God Write Your Love Story

Howdy y’all! Sorry about the continued lack of updates but I’m going to try to fix that here soon. So a few things. Not too long ago I was presented with a conundrum shortly after the Chi Alpha Fall Retreat up at Camp Sawtooth. 765 more words


Cover: David Lynch: Inland Emperor

In an article written in anticipation of David Lynch’s Lost Highway back in 1997, American author David Foster Wallace wrote that “like postmodern or pornographic, Lynchian is one of those Porter Stewart-type words that’s ultimately definable only ostensively-i.e., we know it when we see it… 1,025 more words


My 2015 Reading Experience

Howdy! I just want to share with you some books and short stories I managed to read (and complete) in the year 2015. Take all the time you need to check out my review on each one of them and determine which one you’d love to read in the coming month or year. 2,541 more words


Wild at Heart - Sonship (2)

This music video by Jimmy Wayne captures much of what we’ve been talking about in regards to Sonship.  The little boy keeps reaching his arms out asking for love from his dad.   1,227 more words

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