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Festival in the Park

The Festival in the Park was amazing I only went on Sunday but I loved it. Everyone was working really hard at their booths or tents and had very impressive things to show. 178 more words

Art Shows

Identity: Here Lies a Risk-taker

If today were my last day on earth, I’d want to be known for taking risks rather than just being successful. Risk-taker sounds more adventurous. Okay, so success isn’t a cheap commodity either, but you can end up living a “successful” life with 2% skimmed milk meaning or 70% trans-fat boredom. 203 more words


The Dictators, Wild at Heart, Berlin (D)

Support: Church of Confidence

Lineup Church of Confidence: Uli (voc, g) – Süni (b) – Hermann (dr)

Lineup The Dictators: Richard Manitoba (voc) – Ross The Boss (g) – Daniel Rey (g) – Dean Rispler (b) – JP “Thunderbolt” Patterson (dr) 36 more words


W@H - the new name (2) - an assignment for you...

Next week is our last week of the Spring ManSchool.  We’ll take 4-5 weeks off and then start back with a Summer ManSchool Lite so that we can keep the continuity of gathering our Tribe together until we come back next Fall to finish Wild at Heart, tackle warfare, adventure and Eve. 546 more words

Wild At Heart

I want to be a lab... (W@H the new name)

Jesus comes at times and surfaces things and says, “I want to deal with that”.  He does so because He has a mission.  He seeks to liberate that which we’ve buried in our shame, guilt, fear and woundedness. 803 more words

Wild At Heart

The Up-Down--Barry Gifford

“In ancient times,” writes Barry Gifford, “various societies, including the Irish, Chinese and Indo-European cultures, believed there were five directions: North, South, East, West and the Up-Down, which represented the navel or center.   729 more words

Reviews By Lucy And Todd

Chapter 11 - An Adventure to Live

Discussion Questions:

1. Eldredge opens the chapter by discussing the benefits of overcoming a fear and discovering the thrill of freedom. Have you ever had an experience like that–where you embraced an adventure in spite of your fears? 298 more words

Wild At Heart