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Let's Talk About Men and Leadership

When people in the Christian churches talk about gender roles, it often ends up being a discussion about women and submission. If you’ve been keeping up with these discussions even a little, you’ve surely learned that good Christian women should view their role as a blessing. 1,177 more words


A Life Well Lived

Darkness. Confusion. A cloudiness in my soul. This is what I am experiencing on this Saturday morning in July. Today I read a report about a man who has been one of my mentors for the past several years; more of a sage really, a man who has shared his wisdom, wit and life with me and countless thousand others. 514 more words


Wandering Alone

The ground is moist and has started seeping into my boots as I make my way through the dense under brush looking for some semblance of a path. 678 more words


Listen to the Silence

You are in my hands. You are not keeping yourself. I am keeping you. If I choose to hide you away, it is for a purpose. 494 more words

Come Away My Beloved

Young, Dumb & Beautiful

There was a time, a million Milwaukee years ago when a point and shoot was strapped to me at all times. I grew to excel at taking unflattering, harshly lit photos of friends, at questionable or particularly hazy moments of consciousness. 41 more words


Nicolas Cage: The Mane, The Myth, The Legend


In the early 1980s, a fresh young face burst onto the scene in Hollywood. Nicolas Coppola appeared in the lead as Randy in the film Valley Girl, and the world would never be the same. 139 more words


Harry Dean Stanton Turns 90

Harry Dean Stanton has been a prominent presence in American cinema for sixty years. In the early days he haunted the margins of classic films like Francis Ford Coppola’s… 143 more words

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