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Wild Beasts albums Rated

If you don’t know them, is too late bro: They are over. But now we have time to appreciate their 5 studio albums, 2 Extended Plays (I couldn’t find the demos anywhere) and the Live Album. 2,061 more words


Live review: Wild Beasts - Hammersmith Apollo, 17th February 2018

Last September, long time Music Factory-favourites Wild Beasts decided that the time had come, after five albums of precious indie art-rock, to draw their career to an elegant close.  949 more words


Wild Beasts Release Final Album and Refuse to go Gentle into that Good Night

Wild Beasts have released a career-spanning homage on the eve of their final performance. The surrealist New Wave group has been producing music for near two decades; a blemish-free career that came to a hurdling stop back in September of 2017 when the band announced its imminent end. 265 more words


Wild Beasts - Last Night All My Dreams Came True

On a clear night — wide-eyed, gin-soaked, fists raised, starry-skied — the streets of towns and small cities take on their own blurry glamour. The shatter of glass after dark is a starting pistol here, spurred on by the sound of sirens and the faint taste of blood in the mouth, sprinting around corners and side streets. 101 more words

Tiny Mix Tapes

Wild Beasts - Last Night All My Dreams Came True review

It’s rare that you get to choose the terms of your own exit; in the case of Wild Beasts it’s one from being themselves, at least from the identity Hayden Thorpe, Ben Little, Chris Talbot and Tom Fleming have collectively shared since relocating from rural Kendal to Leeds before the release of theur debut album Limbo, Panto in June 2008. 161 more words

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The time of fulfillment: context

12 At once the Spirit drove him out into the desert, 13 and he remained in the desert for forty days, tempted by Satan. He was among wild beasts, and the angels ministered to him. 876 more words


The Golden Age of TV - Beast

This track is a beast. Sorry, I mean, this track is ‘Beast‘ from the staggeringly cool The Golden Age Of TV. As much as I want to hoard up every last note of their’s into a sack marked ‘Swag’, the much nicer thing to do would be to share it around. 162 more words