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Wild Lettuce may really be "wild"!

I tried eating the leaves of Wild Lettuce and wondered why it was named wild lettuce since it didn’t taste like anything you’d want to include in a salad. 118 more words


Free Rabbit Food (and People Food): Oxeye Daisy

Leucanthemum vulgare is an iconic perennial flowering herb that is native to Europe but can be found all over the world. It’s also called the dog daisy, common daisy or moon daisy and can be seen in fields, woodlands and along roadsides. 213 more words


Days of May

May brings morning rain on rosa multiflora.

And morning light on made beds.

May brings awakening wild food.

And blooming forest floors.

The colorful copper birch leaves emerge. 34 more words


Foraging for Wild Garlic

Spring is in full force! It’s time to forage dandelion root, burdock, fiddleheads and wild garlic. Too busy for writing these days with all of my free-time in the fields, gullies or the bush. 28 more words


Wild Blackberry and Honeysuckle Jam

The other day, my mom and I found a lot of wild blackberries in our yard.  That gave us an idea.  Why not make blackberry jam?  478 more words


Korean Burdock Tea - 우엉차

Korean Burdock Tea – 우엉차

Burdock Tea (우엉차) is a medicinal beverage commonly found in both South Korea as well as Japan. Burdock tea has a subtle earthy and flavour that’s reminiscent of ginseng. 228 more words


Biology, Bags, and Burritos: The Science Every Morel Hunter Should Know About Harvesting Mushrooms

It’s here. That short, magical period of time when the Morel mushrooms make their appearance across the forests of Pennsylvania. If you’re an avid mushroom hunter, you’ve probably noticed a significant rise in popularity of Morel hunting, especially in Central PA. 2,231 more words