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Wild Edibles: Fluted Black Elfin Saddle

I took the dog on a nice long hike today, and we came across some edible mushrooms I hadn’t seen before. Helvella lacunosa or fluted black elfin saddle. 113 more words


Desert Molasses

Most everything that happens in the kitchen is fun, but some things are just for fun. Today’s “just for fun” project was making syrup from prickly pear cactus fruit. 299 more words


Pwned Pepes! (Hobo Grilled Frog Legs)

This was a meal I ate back in the brutally hot summer here in the Outback. Basically I saw a couple bullfrogs sitting in the mud by the watering hole, and figured they’d be good vittles. 96 more words


Samhain Blessings: The Forager's Way

To Trust in yourself and the Land
By Arianna

Samhain, Summer’s End has past
the ones we tend to come in from grazing and
huddle close for bodies’ warmth. 125 more words

Arianna Alexsandra Collins

Hobo Grilled Squirrel

A couple days ago I was working on the hut when I heard some susserations coming from the bush. I grabbed my handy pellet pistol and set out to find the source of the sound. 308 more words


Autumn Olive: Fall's Secret Bounty

What were we thinking when we introduced the Autumn Olive?

Autumn Olive, Elaeagnus umbellate, of the Oleaster family, is a migrant from central Asia. Actually, within close proximity of our beloved fall fruit the apple, which is considered naturalized to the United States. 682 more words

Arianna Alexsandra Collins

How to Not Starve class

Fridays at my school we teach a series of classes on whatever we and the students, just the K through 8, think is interesting, running them for a semester. 525 more words