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Food for free.

It’s harvest time so stick your wellies on and hit the hedgerows.

There is a nice wee selection of wild edibles in some woodland close to my home. 68 more words


Silver Buffalo-berry

Today I planted about 30 Silver Buffalo-berry (Shepherdia argentea) seeds.  They are not native to my county but are native to the far northwest corner of New Mexico. 249 more words

Food Forest

Why Encourage a Natural Circular Economy?


I grew up eating in the woods of Oregon and Alaska. Here is how it looked: at age six I could wander the woods around our house all day long and eat as I went along. 1,108 more words

Food Forest

Why Choose Poor Mountain Soil?

My food forest is about 7500 feet above sea level, zone 5, steep, low nutrient, poor water retention, short season, alkaline, shallow, and located in the dry western United States. 679 more words

Circular Economy

Tree Cholla Cactus

Tree Chollas (Cylindropuntia imbricata) are common in this area.  They like sun so my heavily wooded acreage doesn’t have any, they’re more common where the trees are farther apart .   926 more words

Circular Economy