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Adventure in the Woods

I was outside when the sun was too high, so I hope you enjoy the subjects of the photos. The pictures themselves aren’t great.

I suppose first I’ll tell you the adventure part, as the photos are pretty self-explanatory. 630 more words

Garden & Nature

Spring P.E.M.U. Rain Forest Tour & Recipes...

It rained, it poured, and it seemed like we were trekking in a rain forest, but that didn’t keep these eager foragers from hitting the woods and learning what to use for food, medicine, fire, and cordage. 139 more words

Class Announcements

Lessons From Wild Leeks

I had an awful day.

I’m sure that there are millions of people who had a worse day than I did, which helps me put things into perspective… but I don’t want to minimize my own personal struggle because of this fact. 1,066 more words



Bunchberry fruit, courtesy of Marty Michener

Bunchberry without fruit

Bunchberry, Chamaepericlymenum canadense
or Cornus canadensis

Family: Cornaceae, the Dogwood Family

Description: Native, 5-30cm tall herbaceous perennial. 284 more words

Natural History

Sow Thistle - an abundant and tasty wild edible


I’ve seen these growing all over the San Diego area.

This plant was brought over to the west by the early colonists and used as an actual vegetable believe it or not.  23 more words


Ethical Rules of Wildcrafting

A lot of people ask me about Wildcrafting the second most important if not the most important is the ethical rules .

As most of you know, Wildcrafting is harvesting herbs where they grow in the wild in their own habitat instead of from your garden. 811 more words

Maple Syrup

At certain the times the world is like “Booyah” in your face. Today that happened with the thermometer. Exhibit A:

Damn near 70°F. Two days ago I was wearing my winter parka. 313 more words