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Caramelized Pears With Wild Hickory Nut Syrup On Whole Wheat Waffles

It has been a month since I began a wild hickory nut flavor extract project. The idea was to extract and preserve the flavor of hickory nuts in alcohol the same way vanilla extract is made. 277 more words


Spicebush berries

Now is the time to find these beautiful ruby red berries throughout our area.

Spicebush is an understory shrub found in open forests and along forest edges in rich, moderately moist soils.  552 more words

Wild Mushroom and Venison Meals

Autumn has arrived and so has the excitement of finding delicious mushrooms on forest walks.

Hen of the Woods & Chicken of the Woods

Together my wife and I made… 139 more words

Primitive & Outdoor Living Skills

Foraging & Making PawPaw Crescent Rolls

Took a drive out to a forest in Pennsylvania with a known spot for foraging wild PawPaw.
The broad leaves of the tree give a jungle like feel to the forest and produce a sweet sugary fruit full of large seeds. 171 more words

Primitive & Outdoor Living Skills

Wild Grapes

For a little bit different take on foraging and wild foods, I went out and harvested some wild grapes (Riverbank Grapes) – Vitis riparia
. 464 more words


Grilled stingray

“The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating!” John Walters

Don’t ask me where I am, when the weather is good.I’m always at the cabin. 304 more words

Fish & Seafood

Apples in Avalon

Our Beloved Fall Fruit: the Apple

“There is no fruit, in temperate climes, so universally esteemed and so extensively cultivated, nor is there any which is so closely identified with the social habits of the human species, as the apple”. 823 more words

Arianna Alexsandra Collins