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Dandelion: The Teeth of the Lion

My article on dandelion just ran in the local MS magazine, Catfish Alley, and I wanted to share it here with you!

There is no spring-time herb (well, almost year-round in Mississippi) that is better to talk about than dandelion ( 1,025 more words


Juniper Berries and Soup

Since I began working on this blog, I have found two things about foraging which surprise me. First, that you can forage quite happily in the winter even in this snowiest of landscapes for some really worthwhile ingredients, one of which I am writing about today. 654 more words

Fiesta Friday

Green Breakfast Potatoes

My blog posts are not a collection of recipes per se. They are more a documentation of events that occur in my kitchen and not so much instructional “how to’s.” I rarely give specific ingredient amounts, mostly because I rarely measure anything myself. 189 more words


STAR TREK the next forager

I’m always thinking up fresh idea’s on how to share information on wild edibles while making it as easy and refreshing as possible to interested ones. 96 more words

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How to Make Pine Needle Tea

The Mohawk Indians called the Algonquins the “Adirondacks”.  Adirondack’s literal translation means “bark eater” or “tree eater”.  During the winter starvation, the Algonquins would pound the inner bark of the pine tree to make a type of flour and eat it. 563 more words

Wild Mushroom Quesadilla

We were driving through the parking lot at the medical office park when I noticed some mushrooms growing at the edge of a wooded area. I pulled into the nearest parking space, grabbed a plastic shopping bag, which I keep in the car for such occasions, and proceeded to pick them. 262 more words

Wild Edibles

Acorn Preparation, Hot Water Method

Earlier this autumn, I wrote a few posts on Instagram (@mallorylodonnell) about processing acorns using the hot-water leaching method. I felt they were worth repeating on here, especially as a mild season has meant there are still viable acorns out there to collect. 680 more words

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