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Foraging in Spring: Garlic Mustard

Garlic Mustard is an awesome wild edible that is around in late winter to early spring. It’s available and alive year-round, but the longer days mean this plant has delicious new growth leaves that are the perfect addition to wild salads. 226 more words

Henbit- Lamium amplexicaule

Remember, never eat anything you are not 100% sure of. I take no responsibility for what happens to you if you eat something you incorrectly identify. 434 more words


Tap that Sap: 6 Steps to make your own Maple Syrup

Natures Sweet Gift. We know it’s part of our heritage (remember this) but how many of us can actually say we know how to make maple syrup? 722 more words

Winter Foods

Lucky You! Wild, Edible Clovers Are Abundant

Looking for a 4-leaf clover in honor of St. Patrick’s Day? Why stop there? You can make clover foraging part of your array of wild edibles and search all year long. 339 more words

Why are we doing this and what is the plan?

There are many reasons folks all over the world are looking to build a greener, healthier, more sustainable life.  One big reason has to do with putting food on the table you can trust.   834 more words


Wild Ethnobotany - March 29th

The first Wild Ethnobotany guided hike was, despite the -30 degree windchill, an absolute success with a dozen brave souls venturing out to join me as we walked the snowy, windswept trails of Princess Point along Cootes Paradise. 623 more words


Wild Edibles - Cooking With Jew's Ear

The other week me and my friend Szymon had a go at some outdoor cooking with foraged Jew’s Ear – a common edible fungi that you can find all year round even in urban environments such as London. 120 more words