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KIMCHI Workshop and Radish Spinach Miso Tahini Rice Bowl

This is a much delayed post about my Kimchi Workshop held in Istanbul last month. It was fun making kimchi with many people and I would like to thank those who joined the event and also,  1,044 more words


Hackberry Jam

Our dog loves hackberry trees. If there is a hackberry seedling within range of her face, she finds it. Under the neighbor’s boxwood, up the U-channel of the the stop sign, poking from a storm drain, or wherever. 701 more words


Acorn Waffles

The three of us picked acorns last fall under the thinning leaves of a red oak. We made sure to leave behind the ones with holes, cracks or stains. 397 more words


Mallow, an Amazing Ally

Common Mallow (Malva neglecta) is one of those plants that gardeners will look at and say “What a pretty weed” just before they yank it out of their flower garden. 604 more words


Wild Edibles: Fluted Black Elfin Saddle

I took the dog on a nice long hike today, and we came across some edible mushrooms I hadn’t seen before. Helvella lacunosa or fluted black elfin saddle. 113 more words


Desert Molasses

Most everything that happens in the kitchen is fun, but some things are just for fun. Today’s “just for fun” project was making syrup from prickly pear cactus fruit. 299 more words


Pwned Pepes! (Hobo Grilled Frog Legs)

This was a meal I ate back in the brutally hot summer here in the Outback. Basically I saw a couple bullfrogs sitting in the mud by the watering hole, and figured they’d be good vittles. 96 more words