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Prickly Pear Foraging &...Ice Cream!

Last week I spent some time in Arizona visiting my family while taking some time to get rebalanced and find my center again. Going home is always good for that, right? 961 more words


Diving for seeds of peace

The other day Charlie took me out into the field just long enough to show me how to find Nasturtium seeds.  Already having eaten the refreshing yet delicately spicey flowers and leaves in various salads, pestos and “health wraps” I was delighted to find that this bountiful plant had even more uses. 438 more words


Hey....That's Not a Weed!

For some strange reason people go to the greatest lengths to get their yards to look like a golf course…why?….I mean it is so bad that the chemical lawn people offer free “weed” control treatments and will argue you down as to why you need it! 218 more words

Lambs Quarter

Pawpaws, The Heavenly Fruit (so few know about)

This is a day I have been waiting for. The pawpaws are almost ready and are starting to drop off the trees. I’ve been growing pawpaw trees for at least 15 years and until this year only two of them ever bore fruit, yielding only a handful each year. 282 more words


Watermelon Berry Jelly

These little berries, watermelon berries, were one of the first things I remember learning that I could go eat straight off the plant. They are very easily distinguishable from other plants and seem to be everywhere. 201 more words

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Spinach’s Rich Cousin: Lamb’s Quarters

As you may have noticed we are experiencing a drought. You may be watching your garden, fretful, wanting to water all the thirsty “kids” out there in the yard. 512 more words

Arianna Alexsandra Collins

Staghorn Sumac - A Weed You Can Eat

Before I begin telling you about the wonderful things you can do with the staghorn sumac let me be clear; there is a poisonous sumac but this is not the variety I’m suggesting you eat. 718 more words