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Adirondack Lean-to Camping and IceFishing

“The core of mans spirit comes from new experiences” – Into the Wild

It took a 5 hour drive after work to reach the point of entry into the beautiful Adirondacks before pulling sled a mile or so over land and ice to the planned shelter spot and beacon of lantern light left out at the edge of the water by a friend. 527 more words

Wild Edibles

I know it's out of focus but check out that color!

Henbit is an early spring-blooming edible member of the mint family. Members of the mint family have square stems. (Feel them!) The flowers look like fairy orchids. 155 more words


Welcome to the Spring Flower Show of Southern Maryland!

Pussy willows are my weakness so I had to start my Spring Flower Show of Southern MD with them! These were cut from a bush I am trying hard to protect from local beavers. 159 more words


I love Black Vultures!

First I must confess my unusual love of black vultures and turkey vultures. The other day I observed a black vulture dining in the yard along with a large group of equally hungry Canada geese. 167 more words


A Love Story

In the wake of a day devoted to romantic love, I’m thinking of a love story I heard years ago. It was in a yoga class in Point Reyes Station, CA, where I was on a writing retreat. 602 more words


sixty six degrees north - a tribut(ary)

i am missing the north right now. i am missing going to margaret vittrekwa’s home-based shop in fort mcpherson with emma, to revel in the beauty of her beadwork. 648 more words

Acorn Recipe: Acorn and Purple Corn Banana Bread Muffins

The original recipe came from this site, but I changed a few things to suit my needs and this is what we wound up with! 133 more words