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Survival Medicine - Hawthorn (Crataegus) by Survival Lilly

“In this video I… talk about the positive effects that Hawthorn leaves and bloom have on the human heart. Hawthorn – an important survival medicine especially for elder people.” -Survival Lilly… 16 more words


Wild Blue Flax (Linum lewisii)

I saw 3 skinny Wild Blue Flax plants this morning while adding crusher fines to my pathway.

The stems are thin and were bouncing and jouncing around so much in the wind they I couldn’t get a decent photo.   502 more words

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Harvesting and cooking Morel Mushrooms by GuideYouOutdoors

“While cleaning up trash around my campsite in the morning I stumbled across a spore trail of morel mushrooms.” -GuideYouOutdoors

How do you follow a spore trail? 37 more words

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Roasting Wild Carrot on a Camp Fire by The Northwest Forager

In this episode of The Northwest Forager we learn one method on how to prepare and roast wild carrot on a campfire using nothing more than the natural elements around. 12 more words

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Wild Field Mustard: How to Pick & Process by Haphazard Homestead

“This video shows how to identify and pick Wild Field Mustard that’s growing as a weed in your garden, or out in the wild. It also shows how to process the wild field mustard back in the kitchen, so you can use different parts of the plant to eat in different ways.” 19 more words

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How to video: Wild lemonade style tea

In this episode we will make a delicious and refreshing lemonade style beverage using Wood Sorrel (Oxalis oregana) and fresh Western Hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) sprouts. 91 more words

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Garlic Mustard Recipes

In the 19th century, Europeans used garlic mustard as a food crop.  They brought it over to North America and from there this hearty vegetable left the gardens and spread out of the gardens and into the wild where it is now considered an… 2,105 more words