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Wild Edibles: Chicken of the Woods

A few weeks ago I came across a large edible mushroom called Chicken of the Woods, I’d never seen one before but I’d heard my parents talk about it. 541 more words

Wild Edibles

Raccoons love Whole Foods!

Guess what this raccoon had for dinner last night. Raccoons have a varied diet, similar to ours. Raccoons eat berries, other fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables. 64 more words


Late Summer Stoll along the Champlain Canal

Yesterday, I concluded my wildflower inventory of the Historic Champlain Canalway Trail segment located in the Town of Waterford.  I found a few more species to add to my list; I am ready to expand my wildflower field guide for this trail, which will now include the segment in this town as well as a longer segment in the Town of Halfmoon. 129 more words

Blooms in August. Wait until next year... unless you know where to dig up the tubers now.

Sorry I’m late sending photo of groundnut vine. Wonderful little bunches/balls of reddish-brown/maroon and cream, dense, pea-like blossoms grow in moist soil in August It’s still out there to be found in September but it is going to seed now. 301 more words


Wildflowers of Aug/Sept: Water Pepper

Water pepper, AKA marshpepper knotweed grows in southern Maryland in damp areas. It is also called smartweed, though I thought smartweed was pink. The little white blossoms and seeds were used by colonists as a spice similar to what you might use in chili. 28 more words



Found this article today from Rutgers … while I was looking for cites to back up raw, fresh forage feeding of horses – in particular, laminitic horses. 905 more words


Wild Grapes

Mmmmm! Wild Concord Grapes!

Can you smell them? Their scent on the breeze, so alluring, indicates the shift in season, heralding in fall.

I am clambering up an old spruce tree at a neighbor’s house, teetering on a wobbly branch, standing up on my tip toes, my arms reaching up into the vines. 627 more words

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