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Daily Flower Candy: Clematis vitalba

Clematis vitalba: Old man’s beard, traveller’s joy, virgin’s bower, ladies’ bower, love vine, traveller’s ivy.

When the feathery seed heads of Clematis vitalba start to appear in the hedgerows, one knows autumn can’t be far away. 421 more words


Daily Flower Candy: Viper's Bugloss

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a big fan of echiums. I love their jewel-coloured flowers, the way they attract bees to the garden and their incredible range of stature; from sprawling Echium tuberculatum to sky rocketing Echium pininana. 285 more words


Wetlands Walk

On a sunny day in July we went to Elstead Moat and walked along the long boardwalk hoping to see dragonflies. We did see a few dragonflies but we were surprised to see lots of lizards sunning themselves on the warm wood of the boardwalk. 46 more words


Enchanter's Nightshade

Enchanting you are
when you are in flower,
but when you ain’t
you need a lot of restraint! 298 more words


Cowslip Meadow

We went to the Coronation Meadows at Sheepleas near West Horsley with the hope of seeing a carpet of pretty Cowslips. Due to expansion of intensive agriculture and the subsequent loss of the habitats of the Cowslip for example ancient woodlands and meadows, to see a carpet of yellow Cowslips in this way is pretty rare nowadays, so when we heard about this meadow we were keen to take the opportunity to see this. 46 more words