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Wild horse and burro control meeting in Nevada April 23-24


The management, protection and control of wild horses and burros is the focus of a meeting in Nevada next month. 250 more words

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BLM urged to cancel proposed wild horse roundup in Idaho’s Challis Mountains

National Coalition Urges Agency to Stop Removing and Stockpiling Wild Horses and Start Removing Destructive Cattle

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign and Western Watersheds Project call on BLM to cancel plans for 2nd roundup in three years in Challis, Idaho Herd Management Area and manage mustangs on the range instead. 940 more words

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Wild horse allies: BLM panel stacked against them

Via the Associated Press

Scott Sonner writes:

    RENO, Nev. – (Feb. 12, 2012) Wild horse protection advocates are accusing the federal Bureau of Land Management of stacking a public advisory board with friends of cattle ranchers at the expense of mustangs, and warning that the panel is increasingly sympathetic to the idea of slaughtering excess animals in overpopulated herds on U.S. 246 more words
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Public outraged at government decision to sterilize free-roaming wild horses in Wyoming

Roundups would put sterile herd back on range to die out

WASHINGTON (June 16, 2011) – The Cloud Foundation opposes the BLM’s “Record of Decision… 766 more words

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Obama dream a nightmare for horses

President Obama’s dream for America has turned into a nightmare for horses, and a deadly one.

We at the Int’l Fund for Horses all agree — which is extremely rare — that President Obama needs to go in 2012, and we will be campaigning against him to achieve just that. 450 more words

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So called experts say BLM not hurting wild horses, really

Written by JADED MARE

Oh, look. Yet another equine protection organization who sounds as if they are anything but.

Who they are, we don’t care, because the BLM are willing to listen to them and their appointed mouthpieces on how to be cruel to wild horses and get away with it even more by having someone other than them say all their maiming and killing and stuff is really a-okay. 297 more words

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Elko Commission opposes Pickens wild horse sanctuary

Is it really the cattle ranchers and water rights, or simply the BLM’s politically motivated agenda that is destroying what’s left of America’s Mustangs? And why a “non-breeding sanctuary?” 356 more words

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