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2017 Pryor Foal # 9

I am a little late with this good news post.  Foal # 9 for 2017 was born around November 8th, 2017.   It is a filly who has been named Ruby.  159 more words

Pryor Mountain Wild Horses


Original Post: MONSTERS OF THE HAVASUPAI TRIBE I told you about these horses over a year ago and tonight I’m driving and on the radio is Susan Ash of @HavasupaiHorses talking about the horrors still going on there.
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A Tribute To The Horses That have Passed in 2017

Another year is about to come to an end.  It seems that the days passed very quickly this year, as I feel as if I just posted my tribute to the horses that passed in 2016.  2,314 more words

Pryor Mountain Wild Horses

2017 Pryor Foal # 8

This was a much-anticipated foal for many of us who have followed these horses!!     Jasmine had been off of PZP for a few years and I think we all expected and wanted her to foal sooner.  339 more words

Pryor Mountain Wild Horses

Senate bill could trigger mass slaughter of wild mustang

The fate of thousands of wild horses hangs in the balance as the Senate considers an amendment to a spending bill that would allow euthanasia of mustangs and burros roaming free on land owned by the federal government. 204 more words
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Proposed Removal of 15-20 Horses

I am still reeling from this past couple weeks.  First the death of Blanca, then receiving the letter about the removal, and then the sudden and tragic death of Isadora and her foal. 140 more words

Pryor Mountain Wild Horses

2017 Pryor Foal # 7 Deceased

This is a very hard and heartbreaking post.  I was told today that Isadora was found dead on the mountain top.  It was determined that she passed giving birth, the foal did not survive.   265 more words

Pryor Mountain Wild Horses