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Villainous Harlequin

“Like a maniac shooting flaming arrows of death is one who deceives their neighbor and says, ‘I was only joking!'”


Mike Mignola on the Hellboy Reboot and it's Future

Written by: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

In an interview with The Verge, Mike Mignola discusses the story of the new Hellboy Reboot (no longer subtitled… 294 more words

Movie News

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [Review]

We know that the game has been around for a while and there are rivers and rivers of digital and real ink written about it but only recently did we get our hands on it… and, truth be told, can’t seem to get them back from the controller XDD but in the mean time I’ll leave you with my opinion on the addictive bastard that is Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! 1,327 more words


Mandate Radio- Ep 199 (7/19/2017)


Mandate Radio- Ep 199 (7/19/2017)

Happy Wednesday everyone and welcome back to another edition of Mandate Radio! Frank is out celebrating Mary’s birthday week, so Pete and Fitz get down to some depressing business. 97 more words


Dream Sequence of the Time I Forgot. Ch. 8

I sat in a dive coffee shop at 2am sipping a black coffee and eating a crumbly blueberry scone that was nearly too stale to eat. 552 more words


Dream Sequence of the Time I Forgot. Ch. 7

March 16, 2013

Dear Thomas,

I haven’t had much luck finding Cole, the alleyway isn’t too far from my place so I’ve been swinging by it every once in awhile (like twice a day…) to see if I can uncover any more clues or spot the mysterious Cole. 1,325 more words