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Ghost Recon Wild Hunt Will Be Here Soon

Ubisoft has given us a taste of yet another one of there popular Ghost Recon games but this one is different because it will feature an open world based in Bolivia for people to play and explore in. 69 more words

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Yes the smoky nights are here, the hairy nights have begun

Yes, the smoky nights are here, the hairy nights have begun. These are the 12 nights of the Wild Hunt.

Skaði, Your Wild Hunt

Skaði, the Winter Goddess

The Goddes who Hunts and Skiis

The Goddess who has taught me much this year.

May your Hunt be blessed and I shall be with you as your Healer and Follower. 46 more words


Thor, On Your Hunt

Thor my beloved. This I devote to you, a glass of honey wine/mead and our love. May I be a part of the Hunt as your Healer and support. 19 more words


Perchta, Holda and the Wild Hunt

When we think of the Wild Hunt, we think of Odin, or his Germanic counterpart Woden. However, he was not the Hunt’s only leader. In this post I want to look at Perchta and Holda, and the specially feminine spin they gave their midwinter rout. 1,191 more words


I always feel randy at this time of year

I always feel randy at this time of year, fuck Christmas and its holiness; it is the pagan roots, the heathen roots of our end of year rituals and celebrations and feasts and orgies that enliven my blood, quicken my blood. 20 more words

The Druid Network and IFN!

A momentous occasion! The Druid Network, as well as The Pagan Federation, have been accepted as full members of the Inter Faith Network! It’s been a long few years with some very dedicated people continuing to craft honourable relationship with the organisation and members of any and all faiths, and now The Druid Network and The Pagan Federation have had their religion recognised by the IFN in acceptance to the organisation. 671 more words